High school wrestling: endurance tips

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Some synonyms for endurance are determination, tenacity, perseverance, persistence, endurance, endurance and tenacity. Do you have enough perseverance and endurance to keep wrestling in the entire six-minute game? Can you go far?

Adjustment expert Ross Enamait said from

 Infinite strengthfrom

"Adjustment is the king of the ring." For our wrestlers, I may slightly change his citation and say: "When you are on the mat, the adjustment is where it is." Ross said, "Power It's important, but it's useless without endurance.” Let's study endurance more carefully and determine how we can get better endurance.

Endurance is the ability to maintain physical activity [ie, perform work] or exert strength over a long period of time. However, endurance can be a bit confusing. When you think of endurance, you can imagine a marathon runner. However, marathons involve some type of endurance. Wrestling also involves certain types of endurance.

Endurance type:

  • Cardiovascular…

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