Healthy lifestyle choices: Air Fryer – a healthy way to deepen your fries

Eating some fresh salads, sandwiches and choosing healthy foods is easy for some people, but difficult for many of us. The idea of ​​not eating your favorite wings or beloved French fries is a nightmare for those who have been eating fried foods for the rest of their lives. For those who still want their fried foods but want a healthier lifestyle, they can now choose to do so, thanks to recent innovations such as air fryers.

Air fryer

The air fryer is a bit different than your daily kitchen – it uses hot air to cook food. Instead of using oil to cook food, this fryer uses hot air up to about 200 degrees Celsius to cook food. The latest version of the fryer allows people to adjust the temperature to ensure precise and uniform cooking.

Advantages and disadvantages

One advantage of air fryers is that it makes cooked foods healthier. By heating and cooking food without using oil, it reduces the fat % of the meal. This is not the case with traditional fryers that use oil to increase saturated fat content. For those who prefer double frying, the percentage of fat is doubled. Another advantage of using an air fryer is that modern fryers have a suitable exhaust system that filters out excess air. Because it is filtered, it is environmentally friendly.

Although the device is ideal for a healthy lifestyle, one disadvantage of using an air fryer is that since air is used to cook food, it is important not to overload the cooking area as this can result in uneven cooking. Thicker pieces of meat may require additional cooking time to fully cook. Price can also be a problem because some models on the market today are expensive.

Buy your fryer

If you are considering buying an air fryer, then you should look at the function of the fryer you are buying. The price depends on the function of the device, so some models may be cheaper than others. Features you should look for include automatic timers, touch screen surfaces, easy navigation or integrated dialing, easy cleaning and space efficiency. Some machines can cook a lot of food perfectly and some can't. If you always have a large group, choose a bigger machine.

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