Happy Black Woman Presents: Create Your Ideal Life – Oakland

Happy Black Woman Presents: Create Your Ideal Life - Oakland
JOIN ROSETTA THURMAN AND DEBRENA JACKSON GANDY LIVE IN OAKLAND FOR A 1/2 DAY SEMINAR! Create Your Ideal Life: How to Manifest What You Really Want Instead of Settling for What You Think You Can Have Is it time for you to stop settling for a "normal" life and start living life on your own terms? Are you at a point where you're ready to set new, exciting goals for yourself but struggling to figure out what you want to do next? Have you been longing to meet like-minded women who have big goals, dreams and desires for their lives? If you answered "yes" to any of those questions, then join Happy Black Woman Founder Rosetta Thurman and bestselling author Debrena Jackson Gandy LIVE for a unique half-day workshop in Oakland that will walk you through powerful goal-setting, manifestation and self-care strategies designed to help you create the life you really want!  YES, it is possible to live a life of joy, flow, peace, and deep fulfillment – on YOUR terms. But it requires you to re-wire your thinking, shift your perspective and really understand who you are as a Black woman and as a Divine Being.  As a result of working with Rosetta and Debrena, you will learn: How to identify the limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from living the life you really want  6 spiritual principles that will help you step into your feminine power How to "map out" your ideal life in 7 specific areas so that you can manifest the vision you have been given for your life What to do when your family and friends don't support you - and even discourage you from pursuing your dreams ...and more! This will also be a great opportunity make new friends with like-minded women who are committed to pursuing their goals, dreams and desires in 2017 and beyond! FEATURED SPEAKERS INCLUDE: Rosetta Thurman: Founder & CEO of HappyBlackWoman.com Rosetta Thurman is the Founder & CEO of Happy Black Woman, a global personal development company dedicated to educating, inspiring and empowering black women to create their ideal lives. She is committed to helping black women all over the world experience happiness, success and freedom in life and business. Through training, coaching and mentoring, Rosetta teaches black women how to transform their mindset so that they can achieve their big goals faster than they ever thought possible. Rosetta is the author of Launch Your Business: The 5 Step Solution to Do What You Love, Quit Your Job and Have the Freedom to Travel and Live Life on Your Own Terms and the co-author of How to Become a Nonprofit Rockstar: 50 Ways to Accelerate Your Career. She has been featured in numerous media outlets, including JET Magazine, Essence.com, Entrepreneur.com, Dr. Oz’ The Good Life Magazine, Huffington Post, BBC London and BlackEnterprise.com. She holds a Master’s Degree in Organizational Management and has also taught leadership, business and marketing courses as an Adjunct Professor at Trinity Washington University. Rosetta currently lives in beautiful San Diego, California. When she’s not writing or speaking, you can find her on a plane traveling to the next city on her bucket list, in the kitchen cooking up a new recipe, dancing to 80s R&B music or snuggled up in her favorite chair with a good book and a glass of red wine. Rosetta’s motto is: “You can do anything you want with your life and no one can stop you…but YOU!”  Debrena Jackson Gandy: Bestselling Author, Speaker & Entrepreneur Debrena Jackson Gandy is a national speaker and best-selling author of three books, including Sacred Pampering Principles: An African-American Woman's Guide to Self-Care & Inner Renewal. She is an expert in personal and spiritual empowerment and transformation for Black women, a leading Relationships Coach, and a Holistic Success Coach with over 15 years of coaching experience, and over 500 coaching clients. She has been featured in magazines such as Oprah’s O, Essence, and Ebony, and has been seen on TV on CNN, CNN Live, Good Day New York, Good Morning Texas, Good Day DC, TBN, the Wisdom Channel and more. Her mission is to teach women how to manifest what they desire and deserve in life, love and business, with more ease and grace. Her and her amazing husband, Joseph, have 3 beautiful and smart daughters. PLEASE NOTE: Space is very limited at this event and available on a first-come, first-served basis. There will be NO tickets sold at the door! FAQ: Q: What is the refund policy?  A: No refunds will be given under any circumstances, however your ticket is TRANSFERABLE to another person if you are unable to attend. Q: Where can I contact the organizer with any questions? A: You may contact Team Happy Black Woman at support@happyblackwoman.com if you have any questions about the event!

at Joyce Gordon Gallery
406 Fourteenth Street in Downtown Oakland
Oakland, United States

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