Gulet, Croatia – 3 things you must know before booking a cruise

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If you decide to continue cruising Gulet cruise, congratulations – this may be one of the happiest cruises you have ever taken.

My family and I book a week each summer. I have tried the Turkish coast and the Adriatic coast. The Adriatic is far more beautiful… spectacular.

When preparing for the blue voyage, I will share with you some tips you should know.

1] Only accept your closest friends. from

 Gulet is a small environment that you can spend a week or two. If you are in a small space with people you don't like or who are in trouble, it may ruin the entire holiday. I know. We have been with friends and friends. A person is so painful that he almost ruined our entire holiday.

2] As usual cruise, from

There is a captain. from

 At sea, it is the authority and commander. Although he is there to make your cruise ship happy, you must listen to the captain's orders while traveling. The reason is mainly the safety of the yacht itself. As always, there may be a bad thing, whether the captain usually knows when to predict, when to stay in the ocean and when to go. Force your captain to set sail and go to another destination when predicting if there is a possibility of a big wave of time that may cause you unpleasantness. If you are in the Adriatic and skilled captain, this is not dangerous, but if you have not experienced the bad weather at sea before, it may look terrible.

3] Sex in the cottage. from

 Well, because this is attractive, you must have experience with this kind of sailing, so be warned in advance. If you have a loud voice, everyone will hear it. Gulet is a wooden boat, you are on the water… it transmits sound like crazy. The same advice applies to people behind the conversation. Be very careful.

These are the three tips I usually find in brochures and other resources, but they must be known for a happy and happy holiday.

By the way… If you are thinking about a gulet cruise in Croatia, I definitely recommend it. This is a relaxed, tasteful experience that you will never forget.

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