Guidelines For Selecting Successful Gymnastics Floor Music

When folks think of gymnastics floor they think of how unique, well choreographed, graceful and powerful the routine is. They definitely don’t think about music, however they ought to. Gymnastics floor routine music plays an essential and key part in achieving floor exercise success.

Gymnastics floor music is exclusive; it’s produced specifically with floor routines in view. You should not choose a random tune you enjoy and create a routine for it; music for gymnastics floor has precise rules.

First, the music can’t have any vocals at all! If it does, you will receive a huge deduction. I don’t care how terrific the lyrics in the music are, don’t use it, it isn’t worth reducing your floor exercise scores.

You also want to make sure the gymnastics floor music is 1 minute and 30 seconds long (ninety seconds from start to finish). Be sure the gymnastics floor routine music includes a wide range of rhythms. It has to incorporate elements which are rapid action along with parts that are more relaxed so you can get your breath.

Your gymnastics music has to include three sections of music that standout from the rest; that’s where you need to place your three tumbling passes. You must have your first tumbling pass commence 10-20 seconds after your gymnastics floor music starts. This is going to start the routine off with a bang as well as set the tone for the remainder of it.

Make sure that you put a tumbling pass as part of your floor routine right at the end; this will be your grand finale! Your other tumbling pass you may put anywhere between the first and the last.

Have I gotten your interest and attentionyet? For sure, picking out music can be a lot of fun. However you also want to be sure that it fits and enhances your routine too. Stick to these tips and you will be well on your way to making a fantastic choice!

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