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Outdoor activities, rich and extraordinary experience, can be shared with friends and relatives. Many people now don't take the time to "stop and smell the flowers." In general, we are so plagued by our own lives that we don't have time to enjoy the most trivial things in life and relax. In today's society, we are all about work-work… our schedule is so full, packed with meetings and work-related issues, we forget some of the really good things that life offers, like nature.

Nature is such a beautiful and complicated miracle, but most of us don't take the time to explore it – even in our own backyard. If you have asked anyone who is capable in Orange County, California, if they have been to a surrounding national park like Yosemite or Yellowstone, then the number of people who have never been to such a place will surprise you [or Not surprised]. In recent years, I like camping and going out very much. This is a refreshing, energetic hobby, and most importantly it is basically free.

Camping is a great attraction, although buying equipment may be an initial investment, depending on the type of camping you prefer, you may not need to spend money at all. Some campers like to travel with backpacks, although I am happy to say that I have done this before – but it is also a terrible experience for me. Others prefer “playing”, which is more like a “glamorous” experience; air mattresses, air conditioners, showers, fancy portable sofas, and some further camping with RV.

There are many attractions to visit and visit, and people cannot explore all the sights in their lifetime. Even if you can, enjoy the scenery and enjoy the scenery from the top of the mountain, you should not rush. Still, making a bucket list of all the places you want to go is so exciting, and there are so many incentives when you can actually check the items in the list. As mentioned earlier, camping can be shared with friends and loved ones. No matter what age you are, there is always enough nature to share and create new memories.

After a week of intense work, do you have the opportunity to completely relax and relax? Have you ever thought about what the Milky Way would look like when it was completely visible? The urban lifestyle does not give us many opportunities to truly relax and appreciate the world. Take the night sky as an example – light pollution is terrible. From most urban areas, the only things visible in the sky are helicopters, jets and clouds. Imagine going back to the comfortable camping chair, the only visible light comes from the dim bonfire and a series of light that quickly shoots through your field of vision. As you look up, the sky becomes your own spectacular performance, full of billions of stars, and you see another light shining into the sky again.

In southern California, there are many places to visit the breathtaking scenery. My favorite thing in Southern California is that everything is close. In other places you can drive for 1-2 hours, not only on the beach, but also on the mountains, on the lake, and even in the wilderness? Mother Nature does not exist forever, and thinks that we take the beauty of the world as a matter of course. The next time you like to take risks, why not go out and explore, you will be surprised by how many beautiful women on the planet.

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