God and the Government: Commenting on the Career Protection Church/Country Separation of Pastor Barry Lynn

Profile: Barry Lynn

Barry Lynn once admitted that although not, I have heavy doubts. "Priest Jerry Faville does not like me." It is as mean and meaningful as Barry can manage, but I, he is How incisive, informative, and interesting, he can defend and advance church/state separation. No doubt – this book is timely, because in the history of this country, this defense is crucial. “God and the government” and any landmark book by Dawkins, Harris, Dennett and Hitchens are examples. If a beautiful and interesting glove is used, secularists are growing up with a native. The spiritual struggles of the right-wing Islamic State’s spiritual religiousists go far beyond denying evolution, science, climate change, women/gay and non-freedom of freedom, and human rights from religion. They want what they have for a longer time and mistakenly claim that we were created by the founder of this country – a Christian country.

If it is not for Barry Lynn and others, if it is not equal, we may already be such a society.

Mr. Lynn has been an executive director of the American Council of Church and State Separation [AU] for decades. I have personally heard his speech on several pleasant and inspiring occasions. [I deliberately mentioned him to the pastor – I don't care to use the "priest" prefix he obtained and never abuse it. I try to avoid the integration of all religious titles, including "father, lord, your sage, your honor", etc. If Mr. Lynn wants, I will make an exception in his case. For other heroes with clergy, I am still a bit flexible. Dear and respected Sir Barry Lynn.]

Like millions of other people, I enjoy Mr. Lynn's articles and countless media interviews and attendance at conference committee meetings. [His description of an encounter with Louis B. Gohmert, a Republican from Texas, is interesting.]

Mr. Lynn is a lawyer and pastor of the United Church of Christ. There is no doubt that the background of the latter has greatly contributed to his effectiveness with Christians and others who still respect religion, despite the superstitions of their beliefs and the grotesque policies and abnormal behaviors exhibited by many religious figures.

Real health and religion

Freedom is a key dimension of true health: the separation of church and state helps to preserve our secular democracy. This is more important than ever when Protestant religious rights and Roman Catholicism seek the Christian national agenda. Although I believe that most Christian leaders are in favor of American theocracy, this goal is rarely publicly expressed. Of course, unfortunately, in our money, court, and pledge of loyalty, we have given “the God we trust.” The United States has become a theocratic politics with huge tax exemptions for religion and other aspects. If there is a God who controls everything, as most Americans seem to think, I want to thank him, she or she works for Barry Lynn, who works with other supporters of secularism, tirelessly and effectively making the United States Unpopular in churches and countries. So far, success, barely.

Why religion and real health are incompatible

Rationality, the “R” and religion in real health represent two distinct ways of thinking. One believes in revelation [ie, assertions about this]; the other seeks to understand reality in critical thinking, evidence, and objectivity. Religion and democracy, freedom, human rights, happiness, happiness, health climax or other nationalist attitudes that seek physical and mental health and quality of life are not well integrated. Religion and reason are opposites. Religious authorities insist that believers submit their will to higher powers [hopefully they can only explain]. They demand religious religious doctrine, uphold reason, respect all these things, and these things come from the rest of society and will not seek any part. They create a value of "belief" ["believe that you don't know", as Mark Twain said], which by definition means lack of evidence or other rational basis. Religion’s “a humanitarian affirmation” and the life-based, rational-based democratic principles expressed by the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights are useless.

Although not related to “A” [sports or exercise and nutrition], the “E” [prosperity] and “L” [free or personal freedom] dimensions are also incompatible with the toxicity of religion. Therefore, for true health enthusiasts, in the context of describing the nature and motivation of a healthy, happy and meaningful life, this seems to be completely legal and reasonable for true health enthusiasts. Life is guided by the rationality and freedom to promote prosperity.

Therefore, Barry Lynn’s “God and Government” may and in my opinion be a truly healthy publication. People don't need history professors to know that religion does not show much enthusiasm or tolerance for these qualities in any of these three dimensions.

Barry Lynn's "God and Government"

Mr. Lynn's latest work, published by Prometheus books, consists of ten chapters, representing his mix of columns, testimonies and statements over the twenty-five years. This book contains extended notes [references] and indexes. The encounter between hundreds of authors and religious right-wing theocratic political activists is described in wit and humor. My favorite part is dealing with these important church/state issues:

  • Go to school to pray and pray in other places.
  • Taxpayer subsidized religious school vouchers.
  • Destroy religious beliefs into the public sector [for example, prevent life from ending choices, promote censorship, etc.].
  • Legislators impose religious beliefs on policy policies and laws.
  • Broadly opposed to science, especially evolution.
  • Try to change religious beliefs by incorporating religious content into public education programs.
  • The religious beliefs of the military, the court system and the local government.
  • Tax incentives for clergy; pastor subsidies, etc.
  • Criminal clergy.
  • Celebrities who encounter "good" and "strange" when fighting in battle with the church and the state.
  • The description of historical events that have shaped the current stalemate has prevented us from losing our freedom rights from “religion”.

Five stars

I totally agree and support the comedian Lewis Black, the writer Frank Schaefer ["Crazy for God"], the feminist majority president Eleanor Smell and the filmmaker Gil Soloway as "God and Government "Writed article:

  • "With the exception of Barry Lynn, no one can better face the challenges facing the First Amendment… With wisdom, wisdom, humanity and evil wisdom, Lynn makes the issue alive."
  • "This book is actually a defense against the freedom of theocracy."
  • “Barry Lynn knows all the tricks, twists and turns of those who want to turn the clock back centuries.”
  • “Barry Lynn has an extraordinary ability to demonstrate how religious fundamentalism is poisoned in almost all important public policy debates.”

To explain Bruce Springsteen's tribute to Robert Green Ingersoll, Barry Lynn's "God and Government" shows what he did for equality, education, progress, free thought and free life, against superstition And prejudice. Religious dogma. Today is more than ever. When people open their hearts to his simple, honest human beings, his writing still inspires us and challenges our innate angels.

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