Genealogy sharing software: the pros and cons of using genealogy sharing software

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What is Family tree sharing software?from


How is it different from other shareware provided by software companies?


We know that shareware is a model that many software companies must adopt to stay competitive. When it comes to family tree sharing software, there is the same competition so that you can find a large number of shared software tree projects that can be tested for your family. But as a user, does sharing software have advantages and disadvantages? Let's weigh the two, and finally, we can decide if it's worth using genealogy sharing software.


This is free

The most obvious point is that you can get the software for free without spending a penny, which is of course a good deal. In fact, you can download and compare various family tree sharing software for free so that you can learn about the best software, which means that when you make a choice, this is a fair choice.

You can test it before you buy it.

You can also test the scope. If a software company wants to stay competitive in the family tree sharing software business, they must be willing to let you test it first because all competitors are doing the same thing. This means that you can sample all the shareware you need, and ultimately, your purchase decision will be more reasonable, as it will be based on your experience with certain software.

You can complete the entire project before the trial period expires.

In fact, before the end of the trial period, you can always create a family tree using the manufacturer's shareware, especially if your project is not a large or complex project. This means you only need to save money for the software for a small project.


No customer support

Shareware has almost no customer support. As a user, companies that create genealogy sharing software are trying to provide you with free-to-use software on a trial basis. For them, giving customers support is not very valuable unless it is related. This can help them improve their products. Some companies will provide support, but these are rare.

no update

No matter how long your tracking time is, you won't be able to get updates. Suppose you get 45 days of free shareware and have 20 days to post updates; the company is unlikely to provide this update for you, so you missed the latest features of the software. Similarly, some companies can provide updates for you for free, but these are rare.

Few full features

Family tree sharing software is almost completely functional. The business model is that they give you some of the parts that are available – the basic part of the software will help you come up with a family tree – but they want to encourage you to buy the package by detaining some of the best features. This means that your test will provide you with a basic tree, but if you purchase the software, you may have entered the best state.

Unable to access at the end of the trial period

Some shareware is created by the fact that if the trial period expires, you will no longer be able to use whatever you build with it, especially if it requires you to connect to the company's server to be able to view it. This means that you can use the trial software to create a family tree, but when the trial period ends, you cannot access the server of the storage tree, so you cannot view the tree.

Please note the pros and cons so you can decide which method is best for you.

All in all, family tree sharing software is a good thing, and if you remember it is free, it does allow you to test different options before purchasing one.

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