From Memorabilia to Clothing, Great Collectibles for Auto Racing Fans

American Le Mans Series auto racing is a great sport that’s fun for the whole family, but you don’t have to watch it sitting down. To really get into racing, you need to go the distance, from dressing up in the whole get up with various racing memorabilia to learning fun chants to cheer your favorite driver across the finish line. In the end, your love of racing is what you put into it, from wearing slick Porsche clothing to getting the whole family dressed up and pumped for American Le Mans Series auto racing. Check out these ways to tweak your love for the race.

Dress Up the Yourself, the Kids, Heck Even the Family Dog

One great way to really get enthused for American Le Mans Series auto racing is to dress the part. You’ve got a wide range of options to choose from in racing memorabilia fashions, from Porsche clothing to shirts that show off your favorite driver. To really make it fun, why not dress the family’s Fido up as your favorite driver? If there’s food involved, he’s sure to win. You can also have fun dressing up your kids as the race track pit crew. Get a flat on the way to the race? No problem, they’ll have that flat fixed in a jiffy as you listen to the American Le Mans Series auto racing results on the radio.

Everyone Claim a Driver

To really heat up the family competition, everyone should choose a favorite driver. Family rivalries are not only what keep us together, they’re what make us absolutely bonkers, which is fun for the whole family. Don’t let your choice always be the one who crosses the finish line. Choose your favorite driver according to style of car, personality, glitz and all that gusto. Heck, I generally plan who I’ll root for by who has the glitziest racing memorabilia. If everyone in the family chooses sides, it makes the races much more exciting.


Racing memorabilia is more than just fashion. Sure, Porsche clothing always makes a great gift, both for getting and receiving, but you’ve got plenty of other options when it comes to American Le Mans Series auto racing gear. Choose from ash trays, lug nut sets, luggage, seat coverings and more. There’s no end to how you can show off your love for American Le Mans Series auto racing. Racing memorabilia can even include framed posters, autographed items, and even race worn team gear.

Don’t take racing lightly. Enjoy it by getting your fix of racing memorabilia, from used helmets to Porsche clothing. Gentlemen, start your computer and head to your favorite racing memorabilia website. You can buy a complete range of Porsche clothing in less time then they spend at the pits stop!

Dale Grigsby is a huge American Le Mans Series fan, and he loves showing off his passion through his Porsche clothing and large collection of racing memorabilia .

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