Freestyle teen wrestling simplification

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Freestyle teen wrestling is similar to folk style, and many actions can be used for both.

Freestyle has some key differences that make it an interesting and strategic way to participate. These include: game scores, hand locks, back exposure, rollouts and bottom positions.

Freestyle wrestling has 3 time periods [or rounds], each time period is 60-90 seconds, used for the game. The winner is usually determined by winning two of the three periods. One exception is to win the pin immediately and let the opponent's shoulders touch the mat at the same time. At that time, the whole game was over.

Sometimes the rounds will not be wrestled for the entire specified time. This can happen if one of the wrestlers scores 6 or more points against the opponent. This is called a technical advantage and the deadline will end immediately. If there is still time to wrestle, the clock will be reset and the wrestling will start again.

Another difference with

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