Freeride Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is one of the most challenging sports ever developed. It provides the adrenalin rush and the natural high any sport and adventure-loving soul is looking for to fill those cravings. Among its sub-disciplines, freeride mountain biking is definitely making waves among thrill-seekers. More and more individuals are learning and enjoy the sheer fun and excitement of a freeride mountain biking. Anyone can just imagine what would ever happen to China- the bicycle capital of the world, if its entire people would learn how to freeride mountain bike. A big circus and carnival would be imminent and worthy of a Guinness World Record. Just what is freeride m.b.? What makes it different among other types of m.b.?

Freeride mountain biking, being true to its name, suggests that it is a free-movement type of mountain biking. It is also popularly called as the Big Hit. This sport had been developed just recently, making the newest addition to mountain biking. It is a fusion of downhill m.b. and dirtjumping mountain biking. The name freeride was borrowed from the freeriding concept of common water sports like skiing, windsurfing, and snowboarding. In short it’s a free for all sport that does not require any rules to follow and course to pursue. Perhaps the only instruction to obey is to enjoy the ride.

Some of the features of the freeride m.b. were inspired from downhill. One of those similar characteristics is the make-up of the bikes, which practically look the same. The difference between the two is that in downhill biking the bikers will follow a more natural track with multiple jump acts and other obstacles like roots and natural humps while the freeriders will challenge a man-made course, nevertheless the route, trail, and the hurdles are as difficult and as challenging as the downhill biking

The other distinguishable difference is that the bikes of the freeride biking are much lighter than the downhill bikes. Expectedly, the weight of the freeride bikes should be kept lighter because of the many stunts that bikers have to perform. Moreover, bikers who want the try the famous North Shore course has to go through its technical parts that are rather relatively difficult to master. But as soon as any biker will get to master the dexterity and proficiency required in conquering the North Shore course, he or she ahs just certified himself or herself as one of the toughest bikers at least in the world of biking.

Freeride mountain biking is a fun-filled and adventure laden sport that will never fail to amaze anyone who will try it. With all the stunts and the obstacles involve will surely make everyone enjoy a great ride of a lifetime.

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