*Free Summer – Children’s Martial Arts beginners Workshop*

*Free Summer - Children's Martial Arts beginners Workshop*
FREE SUMMER FUN  -  TRY A FUN INTERACTIVE CLASS & YOUR CHILD WILL EARN THE FOLLOWING: Official PMA Uniform Earn a White Belt Break a Real Board Pizza Party !! Thoughts become actions, actions become habits and habits become a person’s character. In this course our staff is going to teach an action packed class that is guaranteed to be a blast! We know that for every block, punch or kick we teach we can literally teach your child the value of self-value, self-defense and self-discipline. We understand that a martial arts program must be about developing a child's character. YOUR CHILD WILL LEARN THE FOLLOWING: •INCREASED ATTENTION SPAN AND FOCUS •CONFIDENCE GROWTH •SELF DISCIPLINE •INCREASED FITNESS AND WEIGHT LOSS As you can see Premier Martial Arts is fully devoted to helping our community’s children learn the importance of self-improvement. We just happen to use martial arts as a vehicle to teach these attributes that all of us parents want for our kids. So join use for a Free hour of fun that you and your children are sure to enjoy. This is a 100% free event. Register today or you may miss out. For more info click here: http://www.roundrockmartialarts.com/kids_karate.html Call 512-745-5551 for questions. Only 20 spots per class available so be sure to sign up before we run out of space. WHEN: Saturday, June 17th at 11am - 12.30pm approx. WHO: 4 -12 Year Old children. WHERE: Premier Martial Arts Round Rock - (512) 745-5551 1200 E.Palm Valley Blvd, Round Rock, TX 78664 ( Rt 79/Corner of Sunrise ). About 1.5 miles from the Dell Diamond Baseball Field.

at Premier Martial Arts
1200 Palm Valley Boulevard , #1202
Round Rock, United States

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