Free Film: The Picasso Summer

Free Film: The Picasso Summer
Join us on Monday evenings this summer for Picasso in Film. This series features films in which Picasso and/or his art is a seminal aspect of the film's narrative, plot, or the artistic creativity of the film's protagonist. The Picasso Summer With a screenplay written by famed science fiction writer Ray Bradbury (Farenheit 451), The Picasso Summer follows the story of San Francisco architect George Smith (Albert Finney) who is vacationing in France with his wife Alice (Yvette Mimieux) with the hopes of meeting Pablo Picasso. The young couple, unsuccessful and turned away from the artist's home, quarrels–George runs off to Spain to meet a famous matador who is supposedly a friend of the artist and might introduce him while Alice stays behind and alone in France. Upon George's return, he apologizes for the miserable vacation and they go for one final swim on the beach, failing to notice Picasso playing in the sand with his family just a few hundred yards away as they stroll into the sunset. Directors: Serge Bourguignon, and Robert Sallin Year: 1969 Rating: N/A [contains bedroom scenes] Runtime: 1 hour 30 minutes Genre: Drama Language: English

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Williamstown, United States

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