Floating Classroom – A unique outdoor learning adventure

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Watering students will consume energy and introduce great Canadian outdoor activities. By combining paddles with interactive learning, a floating bedroom was created… no students will forget.

The new approach to outdoor education is the concept of floating classrooms. In southern Ontario, close to Paris, the river is used as a teaching background. Students can take a naturalist, forester and historian on a raft to the valley for a boating adventure.

Use eight people because they paddle like a large canoe, but provide complete security. The goal is to get all students into the outdoors… away from the computer screen that pretends to be realistic. The paddles in the hands of the students become like a familiar "computer mouse"… manipulated on a large "river" screen.

The drifting fashion created teamwork. When the student is paddling, the guide will read the "Joe Bushman" test. In response, the students laughed… seeking answers. From absurd laughter to amazing insight, everyone finds themselves cheering or screaming. There are some tricky creative questions, such as "Which animal in the valley will beg ass… or how can you keep your jars from scrubbing them?"

Then there is the natural competition between the rafts, huge efforts and energy costs trying to sneak and splash. The added game is where the team pulls to the shore to participate in the "Cook dat Egg" competition. In this case, each team gets a pot, eggs and matches. The goal is to see which team can make fire, boil eggs and eat it. Desire to win the developer's real-time team strategy… and decide who will eat it! The whole event brought leaders and doers in unexpected corners.

Students along the way can stop to swim or wear a life jacket to quickly surf. They also like to dump their water bottles and fill the real things with spring water. Prominent is the accident… I found a deer, saw a gluttony osprey, or was surprised by the flash of a big fish. The excitement of "Where is it" has caught everyone's attention.

Hiking has brought a “feel” to the Carolina forest, and the group is rowing. Have the opportunity to see beaver chewing, try wild food plants, taste wild honey and learn the remedies of the aborigines. Tree recognition is taught through the use of scent and touch quirks. The students sit in the panoramic classroom and can see the scenic bluffing climb and hear the special circumstances of the extinct neutrals in the valley below.

The story told on the raft together is a place of interest and historical memory. Each guide has a series of stories… about wildlife, European settlers and aborigines. Students will absorb as soon as they tell the story. And the problem is flowing.

These 4-hour floating bedroom adventures have made the Valley alive. When drifting, students will discover changes in river depth. They experienced the water through the anti-popularity and were surprised by the difficulties… to gain healthy respect for more turbulent water.

The floating classroom concept provides a unique way to “experience everything together”. Many educational facilities have been obscured by the image of Whitewater, so all drifting is marked as risky.

Ironically, drifting is safer than any canoe or kayak trip, as the guide can control where the students go, and the raft will not tilt.

Teachers will find students who are “not paying attention” to thrive in this world of practical experience and storytelling. The pretentious veneers of young people are stripped off with each learning experience. These students are students who want to travel without ending… and talk about it in a few days.

Drifting the river is a great field trip. Regardless of size, skill or swimming ability, students can experience the river safely… and still in the middle. This is the concept of a floating bedroom!

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