Five trials and real time management skills

Everyone seems to have insufficient time to be time. Since you can't get more time each day, all you have to do is make better use of the time you have. After five years of using five time management techniques, and continue to provide good work for those who do this.

  1. Always prioritize the work that should be done every day . Make sure you plan to complete key projects and move the most important projects to a high priority that is complete or helps achieve your goals. Then, by organizing similar activities, treat other activities as normal work tasks
  2. Just touch the paper or email once. In other words, don't delay by deciding "decision later." If it's something that a subordinate can do or something that other team members like to do, put its name on it and pass it along with the minimal directive. If it is a reference material, skip it and then toss or archive it. If you need a response, please write down a note on paper or respond to an email immediately, with comments, questions or suggestions.
  3. Arrange high priority or key projects when you know that you are the most energetic and best. This can be traced back to planning your day, because you should always do your best to work long-term, not just to complete the task. Therefore, be sure to use your peak hours for important tasks.
  4. Commission! You don't have to do everything yourself. Allow others to undertake projects or tasks that may allow them to grow and learn. You may need to review your work or provide some guidance, or advise team members to guide them through the necessary processes. Sometimes, subordinates or team members will be able to handle similar tasks themselves, allowing you to perform more important tasks.
  5. Book an uninterrupted time with yourself every day. Let's go back and plan your day again so that you can complete more important things over time. Use this uninterrupted time for strategic planning, project updates or creative thinking. Even if it is only half an hour, it may help to advance key projects in new ways, reduce stress and prevent crises.

Previous time management techniques have been tested by many people and have proven to work again and again. So if you want more time in the day, try these tips to see if they can get you more done by better managing your work hours.

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