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Equestrian essentials: Field shelters

You may not be too familiar with field shelters unless you are involved with animal husbandry or equestrianism. However they are an important part of rearing and breeding horses so if you are looking to keep animals they are worth considering. With that in mind here is a brief introduction to field shelters:

Field shelters are exactly what you would think they are – structures which provide shelter from the elements which are situated in fields. They differ from stables, which are permanent structures located on a property. In case you have not already guessed field shelters can be static or mobile and are ideal for those trying to provide shelter for their animals on a budget.

Most field shelters are made from a combination of wood and metal and the sophistication of their design varies greatly. Some have gates and guttering and cladded roofs while some are very basic designs. The better quality field shelters out there are treated so they are weatherproof. Other signs of quality include a solid and robust structure made from durable materials. Stable doors and metal skids can be added as accessories and can be made to be detachable. Some field shelters can also double up as hay stores so there really are plenty of options when it comes to satisfying your individual needs.

I am interested in field shelters. Where can I find a dependable supplier?

If you have decided that you need some sort of shelter then you need to track down a specialist supplier as you cannot just buy them from a department store. You should always source field shelters from companies which have carved out an excellent reputation in the agricultural industry for supplying top notch outbuildings. With that in mind you should take a look at The company makes all sorts of high quality wooden structures such as timber workshops so they know a thing or two about putting together sturdy field shelters. Therefore you should visit the website whether you are after field shelters, stables or timber workshops as they will guarantee you have a resilient and desirable structure.

Field shelters have to be as robust and resilient as possible and withstand even the harshest of conditions if they are to be considered desirable. has the finest timber workshops .

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