Facts and fiction: the myth of reality combined with stuttering

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If you or a family member stutters, then you may be confused about how to deal with it, what it means, or the prevalence of the problem. Many people hold incorrect beliefs about stuttering, and they usually have a shame on this issue.

Therefore, it is time to learn the facts from the novel and accept some important facts about stuttering. Look at these common stuttering facts and misunderstandings and separate myths from reality.

Fact: millions of people eat

According to the statistics of the Stuttering Foundation, there are about 68 million people in the world who eat, and about 3 million Americans eat. This accounts for about 1% of the global and US population, respectively, and means that millions of people like themselves.

Fact: Stuttering in the family

Many people don't realize that stuttering can actually pass genes. Studies have shown that about 60% of stutterers have a family member who stutters badly.

Fact: More men than women are stuttering

Men are four times more affected by stuttering than women. I believe that you have seen more men suffering from stuttering than women, which is not a misunderstanding. Still, according to the above statistics, this does mean that 13 million women will stutter around the world.

Fiction: emotional trauma leads to stuttering

Emotional trauma has not been confirmed to lead to stuttering. In fact, studies have shown that stuttering children and adults do not have psychological or emotional problems than those who are not stuttering.

Novel: I should wait a minute

Many parents believe that if their children stutter, they should wait and the child will solve it themselves. This is usually not the best course of action, and stuttering problems will become more ingrained over time. After a child has been stuttering for three or six months, it may be in everyone's best interest to seek an assessment from a language and language pathologist.

Novel: Stuttering is exactly the same

There are actually a variety of stuttering problems and how it affects the specifics of each person's speech. There are many different stutter patterns and behaviors, and even between people, there may be inconsistencies at the daily level.

I hope you can learn more about stuttering, some common stuttering myths, and important facts. If you or someone you love has been dealing with stuttering, you may need to consult a language and language pathologist. He or she will be able to provide you with a high quality action plan to address your concerns and move forward.

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