Ex-perience – August 2017 Membership

Ex-perience - August 2017 Membership
Ex-perience membership (August 2017) **PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A TEST TICKET. EX-PERIENCE IS NOT LIVE** Fed up of routine? Want to try new things and meet new people? Look no further, I welcome you to Ex-perience, Exeter's NEW multi-membership   Benefits Enjoy a variety of activities in Exeter ALL INCLUDED IN A SINGLE MEMBERSHIP! We're teaming up with as many different event organiser as possible, whether it be; Fitness classes, sports, martial arts, creative workshops and even parent & baby sessions Commitment free. Month by month membership. No Direct Debit required    Cost Free go at EVERY event, EVERY month you purchase Join anytime. Codes valid on a monthly basis. £20 a month (£15 if joining from 15th of the month) Pay for five months and get the sixth month FREE!   Check out what events are currently available further down this page. Alternatively visit our Facebook page by clicking HERE Once you've purchase a ticket, you will receive a confirmation email. Within 24 hours you'll receive another email which will contain your unique promotional code. This code entitles you to 'One free go' to every event Ex-perience offers for the whole of August 2017. How to apply the code Simply find the event which you'd like to attend. Locate these either by searching 'Ex-perience' in Eventbrites search tool, or by visiting the Ex-perience profile page on Eventbrite. Select your tickets, and click 'Enter Promotional Code' Type in the code which Ex-perience would have sent to you after purchasing your monthly membership. The price of the activity should then change to FREE! For more information, visit the Ex-perience profile on Eventbrite (www.ex-perience.eventbrite.com) Current Activities Archery Footgolf Tennis Terms and conditions apply

at Exeter
The Cowick Barton 121 Cowick Lane Exeter
Exeter, United Kingdom

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