Eternal remedy for tea and stomach cramps

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Do you have stomach cramps? It's time to try some good remedies to fight them. For this reason, nothing is better than tea. All of their varieties can help you.

Gastric colic is one of the most common problems of any age group. They are characterized by the contraction of the digestive organs that produce sputum. Sometimes they look like an annoyance, but especially in women, they can be very strong and prevent you from doing everyday activities.

Colic is usually associated with digestive problems, and colitis and gastritis usually worsen when they develop diarrhea. These sputum may also include vomiting, constipation, fever and nausea. Tea is a very effective medicine that can prevent annoying stomach cramps. Do you want to know why? You just need to continue reading.

Tea and other infusions with digestive properties


Almost all varieties of tea are digestive, each with its own specific benefits, and some can also act as a relaxing agent, for example, for each of the following.

black tea. This tea is a good ally for normalizing the gastrointestinal tract because it stimulates the production of gastric acid and accelerates liver metabolism. It is advisable to eat after a meal because it also acts as a gentle energy to avoid fatigue after eating.


green tea. It is nothing new to improve digestion, it can be traced back to ancient times in countries such as China and India. It is known as the superior digestive tea, in addition to its other beneficial effects, such as a good antioxidant, rich in vitamins and polyphenols.

White tea. Although not as popular as the above, teahouse is also an effective anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and creative digestion. This is due to its ability to eliminate free radicals produced in the body due to stress.

It has antioxidant and astringent effects and is ideal for treating stomach and digestive problems.

In addition to its anti-inflammatory properties, it also has an anti-mite effect that relieves pain, including gas and diarrhea. This is good for the children.

Chamomile tea


Another popular digestive is this tea, although it is actually an infusion because it is not from tea trees. Its digestive capacity is in the oil of chamomile flowers. It also helps to eliminate gas, helps calm diarrhea, and is consumed by children [as well as they also suffer from stomach cramps.

Other techniques can calm colic

Breathing skills


There are a variety of breathing techniques that can help you relax, relieve pain and keep your digestive system functioning again.

heat. Classic hot water bottles or warm water cloth can improve colic. Just put it on the abdomen and let it do its job. It will relax the area and make you feel better.

diet. No, we are not talking about diet diets, but a fiber-rich diet that avoids the use of solid and non-dairy products, fatty foods and acidic foods. Don't worry, this diet is temporary and you should follow it until hours after the cramps have completely disappeared.

walk. Walking to the neighborhood or a park near your home can help you get out of the discomfort. However, it is not recommended to stay away from possible diarrhea or nausea.

water. Yes, just drinking water can help you with a lot of colic. Although this is not a remedy you should use when you feel unwell, the water you eat every day will help you relieve colic.



Other tips to avoid colic


If you still can't get rid of the pain of colic, you can remember some basic questions that cannot be returned again and again. Let us see if you have the following points…

Eat well, no hurry. As mentioned earlier, what you eat [except for stress and other factors] directly affects your chances of colic, so there is a complete diet on hand to treat stomach inflammation and never hurt.

Use plants as a gas. If your problem is gas, you will be able to find several plants that can help you with them. Keep in mind that many times you feel that those cockroaches are just gases that cannot come out.

Use remedial measures to reduce swelling. If you are tired of walking on your belly, you can always take some other home remedies that will help you get rid of the annoying cramps.

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