Elvis Our Way

Elvis Our Way
“ELVIS OUR WAY!!” is a collaboration by some of Melbourne's finest  musicians who have been around the music scene for many years. Each musician is renowned for their individual playing ability which comes together to produce an amazing show re-creating the music of Elvis. Together with the band, and female harmonies, Michael Boyd (Elvis) gets the rock ‘n’ roll edge fit for the King himself.  Our passion for Elvis and his music shines through our performances as a band.  Our show resonates with audiences of all ages, leaving them feeling that they have truly experienced Elvis himself in concert! Audiences that have attended our show leave feeling excited about seeing future shows. Michael Boyd – Lead Vocals (Elvis) Michael Boyd has been in the music industry for over 30 years, playing in most of Victoria’s clubs and RSL’s with well-known bands “Flashback”, “I.C.Rock” and “Shadoogie”, Michael is not just a vocalist, he is also a competent musician. He has a passion for one of the most well-known artists this world has seen (Elvis Presley), Michael adds a different touch to the show performing Elvis Presley’s music, Our Way. Antonella Di Staso – Backing Vocals I have been singing for over 30 years, and have always been a huge fan of Elvis and his music!  He has been a big influence in my musical career and I am very passionate about his songs and music. It’s a great joy and privilege to be a part of this wonderful Elvis tribute band  Melissa James – Backing Vocal Involved in the Music Industry since the 1990’s Melissa James joined the Australian successful band, “The Rockmelons” and toured Australia.  Melissa then was asked to join Tina Arena and was part of the ‘Chains’ tour as a backup singer. Melissa James topped the charts herself with her hit single “Baby Come Back”.  I’m doing the ‘Elvis, Our Way’ because Elvis music was a big part of my family life when I was growing up.  Doing the “ELVIS OUR WAY!!” band was an opportunity I didn’t want to miss.  The band is ‘Exciting’ and looking forward to the shows!  Theo Bouloukos – Drums, Backing Vocals Theo is the heartbeat of the band.  He has played most styles including Heavy Metal, Rock ‘N’ Roll Showbands and Indian music.  Bands include “Strange Brew” and popular Melbourne band “Rockin’ Daddies”.  Theo’s drumming can be characterised as power and precision providing a rock solid foundation for the “ELVIS OUR WAY!!” sound. Allan Scott – Bass, Backing Vocals Allan has performed all over Australia and also overseas with various bands since the early sixties. For 23 years he was the bass player for the popular Melbourne Band “Flashback” till he left and co-founded the tight and busy "I. C. Rock" band. Now Allan brings to “ELVIS OUR WAY!!”, thundering bass lines and tight harmonies which blend with the others to make the unique sound of “ELVIS OUR WAY!!”.   Peter Magee – Keyboards, Musical Director Peter has been playing piano and keyboards, semi-professionaly, for over 35yrs, he has performed in duo's, trio's, cover bands and solo covering an array of venues including hotels, piano bars, clubs, corporate functions, private parties, and International cruise ships.  Peter has played many different styles of music over this time, including improvising jazz, rock, blues and classical, covering such artists as Elton John, Queen, Billy Joel, Joe Cocker, Carole King, Steely Dan and playing in various tribute and cover bands such as Cold Chisel, Rod Stewart, 60's, Soul, Stevie Wonder & Reggae.  Peter is also a Choir Master for a local community choir arranging 12-part vocal harmony. Peter is currently playing with “ELVIS OUR WAY!!”, and is enjoying arranging and performing the Music that helped him form his own piano improvised style throughout his career. Peter owns the latest, state of the art keyboards and amps, and is meticulous in reproducing the exact sound required for each song on his keyboards.   Paul Boksich – Guitar, Backing Vocals Paul has been playing guitar from a very young age.  Self-taught, his style and technique is very much his own. Paul has had a broad insight into the music industry.  Playing in many bands ranging from covers to originals and recording his own material.  Paul is a perfectionist and very determined when it comes to music and any band that he is in; Paul is currently playing in three bands as well as his original band.  Ray Samos – Guitar, Backing Vocals Ray is a self-taught guitarist who began playing at the age of 8. By the age of 13, he played in his first rock band.  His unique guitar skills won him a Fender Strat at the Fretted Instruments Battle of the Bands in 1986, awarded to him by none other than Jim Marshall, inventor of the Marshall Amplifier.  Some of the bands Ray played in back in the 80s and early 90s also featured Peter and Paul from the current line-up. Ray was also part of what is argued as Australia’s first tribute band “Bon Voyage” a tribute to Bon Scott’s AC/DC.  In the late 90s Ray owned and managed a successful live music venue in the heart of Melbourne which became iconic to Australia’s greatest and newest talents and was visited by many high profile international artists.

at London Eleven
11 London Dr
Melbourne, Australia

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