Eating disorders: anorexia may satisfy her need for interdependence

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Let's take a look at her need for interdependence. This means a balance between independence and family. She wants you to believe that she wants to be completely independent, but the reality is that you already know… she is not ready yet.

How many times have you heard this, from

"Don't worry about me, I can do it myself, I don't need any help!" Will this bring back her memories when she was about two years old? "I did it!"

Adolescence is really a re-examination of the developmental stage of 2 to 3 years old. Now, she is more mobile and verbal; what combination?

At the age of 2, she constantly explores and tries new things, but keeps checking to make sure you are still there. I still remember all the time she ran out of the room to catch the toy, just to make sure you didn't go anywhere and peek at the corner?

Adolescence is similar except for this important difference. She did not want to admit that she needed to come back to see. She wants to believe she can fly alone. As an adult, no matter what her words and deeds, we must remember the truth… She needs to go home and cheer.

She will do everything she can to make you think she doesn't need that, but she does. That's why many families I work with have to change their schedule to meet the needs of refueling and check out. One of the most vulnerable periods for girls with eating disorders is that they go home from school.

If they go home and no one is there, the temptation to carnival, cleansing, restriction, excessive exercise, laxatives, and any eating disorders is when you are away. If the family needs two incomes now it is so difficult, but when your daughter's life is threatened, you may not have the option.

I told my parents that this is only a season, but they may have to talk to their employer about a more flexible work schedule, or to reduce evening meetings and commitments, because nights and pre-sleeping periods are also fragile.

It is very difficult to start with dinner because she may think she has too many calories on that day. Therefore, she is more likely to struggle with dinner and is therefore more likely to clean afterwards. The snacks in the evening are even more the same, fearing that she will save her from the snacks her body needs when she eats.

She needs to be free to go out and explore her own world and practice freedom independent of you, but she also needs to have the opportunity to regain more dependence when she returns home. Even if she behaves as if she hates your existence and claims that she does not need you, she needs you.

This is the fact that we insist on what we know, despite the considerable fuss and drama. She needs more than just she admits or even realizes herself.

I can't tell you what it means when I get off the bus after school every day. I couldn't express it in words at the time, but in retrospect, it is usually the case that all the dramas I have experienced on this day are circulating.

Girls can be so cruel and exclusive [again, don't tell you anything you don't know], but when a girl goes home, these emotions are the most mature. For girls who develop stress and contribute to the development and maintenance of eating disorders, the relationship of girls is the main focus of the factory.

If you are at work or anywhere, when you get home, she has done all these thoughts and feelings. Stuff them with food, blow them off to clean the inside again and remove the pain. She may be nervous because of excessive exercise, fall into depression, or become an emotional volcano, ready to brag in the slightest provocation.

Some people may say, “I am at home, all these things still happen!” You can't control the choices she makes while dealing with her feelings and thoughts, but you can be there.

Your usual existence communicates with her, from

"I am here when you are ready to talk. I can, you are not just ED." from

 This may take a while, but when you provide her with your presence and personality [just like you are her parents], she will start to make you more.

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