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If you buy guided self-hypnotic audio at any time in your life, you will find that they are very helpful to you, but I also find it very beneficial to record your own sound and then play it back.

Since you will eventually create your own hypnotic tape and focus on the different issues that affect your life, here are some simple tips to maximize your self-hypnosis session:

1. If you can only listen to your hypnotic tape at noon or at night, stick to these times. This is part of the psychological adjustment necessary to make repeated hypnosis work.

Establishing a routine also makes self-hypnosis easier for you because you don't have to sacrifice time for other things to provide some time for self-hypnosis.

2. Avoid lying down during hypnosis – you may fall asleep!

Some people like to make "sleeping tape before bed". If this is your preference, be sure to pursue it. However, instead of adding a section of the record that actually wakes up from the hypnosis state, add a suggestion that lets you fall asleep immediately after the hypnosis session.

Hypnosis records can last up to 30 minutes and can contain many hypnotic suggestions and affirmations. Each group of hypnosis recommendations is called a section.

So if you have five sets of affirmations or suggestions, you have five separate sections.

It is highly recommended that you add some music between the various parts of the recording. Extra music will help you focus, help you stay awkward and help deviate from any distracting stimuli in the outside world.

5. There are no special requirements for who reads and describes the contents of the hypnosis record. As long as the person can read clearly, he can be assigned to read the entire hypnotic script.

6. The subject's excessive efforts to enter the hypnotic state will have a counteraction. Relieve paralysis – Do not force yourself to receive hypnosis advice.

7. Avoid creating hypnotic advice that sounds domineering – these suggestions are most likely rejected by your subconscious mind.

8. Your level of motivation has a great influence on the effectiveness of self-hypnosis.

9. Don't deal with multiple issues at once, but focus on one issue you are currently facing and deal with it on a daily basis. Once the issue is resolved, go to the next question.

Here's a quick description that will help you with your session.

If you are bored or tired while listening to hypnotic tape, don't worry too much, as long as you hear hypnotic tape, your subconscious will absorb and process the positive suggestions contained in the recording.

Sometimes you will feel that you have forgotten what you just heard. This is actually a good sign, because it shows that your conscious thinking has entered a deep hypnosis state and cannot analyze the input.

I hope this quick and easy guide will help you enjoy a more efficient self-hypnosis session so you can slowly, but definitely change your old habits and reprogram your mind with a new set of positive habits.

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