Dutch Oven Cooking In The Great Outdoors


  1. onemorchatykathy onemorchatykathy

    You'll are one of my favorites

  2. mark Wallingford mark Wallingford

    I have to agree with you Mike … Way back in the day we were outside all day .. Winter Summer outside was the place to be … I have 3 girls and they are always taking hikes with me in the bush .. They love to sip on a hot chocolate by the fire …. God bless you & Josie ..

  3. Rosalie Kiff Rosalie Kiff

    May I ask why don't you bring a folding fish pole with you IF you wanted some fish may be you could catch some??? or just play around with it .I have cought some nice small fish in small creeks. Love your videos thanks, watching the old ones can not fine any new ones.

  4. Rosalie Kiff Rosalie Kiff

    Do you have any more up dated videos in the late 16s an new 2017 love the videos

  5. John Butler John Butler

    Great Video, and excellent job on the knife!

  6. Patricia Vyce Patricia Vyce

    Nice to see you Josie. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  7. Matt Lang Matt Lang

    Love to see those outdoor skills, loving life in the outdoors, the goodness of God's creation and food doesn't taste any better than food in the outdoors! Way to go! I've tried all kinds of things in dutch ovens. Everything from cobblers, dinner rolls, and even taco wraps.

  8. Orlos The Druid Orlos The Druid

    is it just me…the sound is crap!

    If its me and my sound card…say so.

  9. Ispas Razvan Ispas Razvan

    problem with bear? 🙂 when you cook….the smell is dangerous.

  10. OutdoorsNW OutdoorsNW

    Great video!

  11. Gregory Supan Gregory Supan

    Amazon store? What's that about Mike? Your choice of a good read for the youngsters is also good. Enjoyed the video keep it up.

  12. Joseph martin Joseph martin

    Josie OMG what a great time I had. I've never used turnups  or soy sauce but I'm going to try them both MMM MM Good! Your the best, you made that stew like you were in a kichen No problem. How come you brought that guy Mike, did he get in the way a lot. HAHAHAHA Mike just kidding Great vid I enjoyed watching it. You guys are the best. Mike I'm proud of you on how you, talked religion, Huck, Honor, and outside SO, glad there is great people on this earth like you 2 Thank You

  13. buttkicker1971 1971 buttkicker1971 1971

    Mike love your videos but when it comes to religion I think you should keep it to your self.

  14. Soul Squatch1 Soul Squatch1

    Great lookin stew Josie !

  15. Soul Squatch1 Soul Squatch1

    coffee time !


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