Drum & Fire GLampout

Drum & Fire GLampout
Less than 1 hour from Chicago

GLAMPING: Camping with nicer things and with greater ease

Saturday, July 15, 2017 12:00 PM

to Sunday, July 16, 2017, 5:00 PM

Drum n Fire Music GLampout on the sandy wooded beaches of the Illinois River. Every Campfire will have a different rhythm. Campfire hopping at its best! Acoustic guitar(campfire), drum circle(campfire), music video tribute are just a few of the events.


This event is perfect for the first time GLamper!

Here is what is INCLUDED with the Music GLampout:

Potluck Dinner
Group CAMPFIRES(we supply wood(and keep fire burning!)
HOT BREAKFAST(eggs,sausage,pancakes, etc.) WITH STARBUCKS COFFEE
Movie under the stars
Campfire entertainment
Beverages(Ice H20, Tang, Hot Cocoa)
Plates, Cups, Utensils, Napkins(4 Potluck/Breakfast)
Use of Coleman Propane Grills, Open fire grills(4 potluck dinner)
Optional GUIDED KAYAK TOUR(u pik Sat/Sun 11-1)

Tents and air pads are available for rent(w/free setup/takedown)


In order to guarantee your spot you must book online through the links below ASAP.

kayak tour



1. Music GLampout + Single Kayak guided tour(4 tour choose Sat or Sun 11am)

per person includes all Music GLampout festivities and the guided kayak tour.

2. Music GLampout + Tandem Kayak Guided Tour(4 tour choose Sat or Sun 11am)

per adult per child(17 and under)must be accompanied by a fare paying adult in the same boat 3 can fit in a tandem 3rd person must weigh less than 70lbs. and is FREE

3. Music GLampOut Only

(Book this if you have your own boat for the kayak tour or if you want to attend MUSIC GLampout only)

for adults and for kids(17 and under)

For the Safety/Comfort of our other guests Dogs are not allowed.

Make sure you book online through the links above as last year all of our GLampouts sold out.

GLamping makes camping EASY! So you can be LAZY! We schlep the heavy stuff and provide i.e. ice water, firewood(group campfires), we have rental tents +air pads(complimentary set up/take down)

Forget something? Jewel or Walmart is a mile away!

Wanna Camp on your own? Many people bring their own groups(family reunions, bachelorette parties, etc.) to this event. If you have 5 or more ppl you will get a dedicated picnic table. If you have a group of 15 or more you get your own dedicated campsite. You can have your own campfire at your site*



6pm Potluck Dinner(bring a dish to pass)

8:00pm Campfire entertainment begins

Campfire 1 Featuring glampingBrent Brown(soulful singer/acoustic guitar)

Campfire 2 Drum Circle(beat to the rhythm)

Campfire 3 Prince / George Michael Music Video Tribute(beginning to beyond)

8pm Outdoor Movie


8:30am Yoga on the beach

8-10Am Full Hot Breakfast(we provide)(Starbucks coffee, eggs, sausage, pancakes n pastries)

optional Guided Kayak Tour u pik Sat or Sun 11am

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at Kayak Morris
801 Kayak Morris Road
Morris, United States

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