DR's Secret Skin Care Product Review – Is the secret of DR really effective?

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 Skin care products are made in the United States, but are common in Asian countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Hong Kong. As is known to all, Asians have thicker skin, so it is not appropriate for ordinary skin care products made for Europeans.

DR Secret is not a doctor's product that many people receive, but “DR” stands for “dermatology revolution”, which essentially means that this product is the “secret of the skin disease revolution”. The basic packaging consists of 5 items: cleanser, toner , firming skin, Skinrecon and sunscreen.

The product's role is to provide "skin-starved" natural nutrients such as "vitamin A, C & E" to the dermis layer of the skin, repair damaged skin cells, improve blood circulation of the skin, and promote skin renewal.

In Asian countries where the weather is hot and humid throughout the year, if your skin is normal, you will feel very happy. Hot and humid weather causes some people to get rid of acne, especially among adolescents who are experiencing hormonal changes in adolescence.

Continued exposure to the hot sun can also cause freckles and pigmentation in many adults due to excessive melanin. This is a natural reaction of the skin to protect the skin from UV rays.

Many people believe that they are safe as long as they are not directly exposed to the sun. However, many studies have shown that even office lighting is a major source of UV light that can damage our skin.

There are many brands of skin care products on the market, such as SKII, Shiseido, Clinique, and if you don't have too many skin problems, it can keep your skin healthy. However, if you have major problems with acne, freckles or hyperpigmentation, then you may need to understand other alternatives.

This is because when your skin starts to have problems, such as acne, the sebaceous glands that are over-stimulated by androgens produce more sebum, which can clog and cause acne. You need a good product to control the oil production so your skin won't be too dry or too greasy.

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