Don't do and don't do when dealing with Stammerers

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Many parents want to know how they should cope with stuttering children. For example, you should not mark your child as a stutterer until you confirm your fear. There are indicators for consideration, but this is the topic I discussed in another article. But what do you do once you realize your child, brother, sister, or any other person you often care about stuttering in your speech?

Most people are usually confused about what they do. They don't know why they want to do this, whether they are doing it deliberately, whether they are suffering something. Generally speaking, when we are nervous, we stutter. However, stutterers do this for reasons that are far from stress. So you want to know someone like this very well. Don't be impatient when they experience stuttering. Don't worry, even words show you are. Understanding in this case includes more and conscious listening. This means not completing their sentences, but working with them because they are trying to speak as normal as possible.

Also, if you are a parent, please don't be nervous that your child will become a permanent stutterer. There are several successful stories, and the stutterer becomes a normal speaker.

If they start receiving some kind of treatment, don't be angry even if they don't speak well. It takes time to absorb new oral habits, just as it takes time to learn new skills or do something.

If it doesn't seem to improve after a period of treatment, don't give up. The only time you fail is the time you give up completely after you have tried some form of treatment.

Don't mark your child's nouns as social frustrations, such as "stutterers" and "my son/daughter has speech barriers." Just like any form of insult through discriminatory terminology, these terms really engulf the confidence and self-image of a child or friend. Just use their name. You might say, "John stutters," not "John is a stutterer."

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