DIY Birthday Gifts for Your Best Friend!! | Easy, Cheap, and Last Minute!!

Hey guys! In today's video I'm gonna be showing you some DIY last minute birthday gifts that you can make for your best friends for super cheap!! I really hope you guys enjoy this and hopefully it helps!! Please make sure to subscribe and leave a thumbs up!! Love you guys💕

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Welcome to my channel!! My name is Sophia, and I love making bubbly and upbeat videos about lifestlye, comedy, and DIY! Making videos is a true passion for me, and I upload every single week! I love getting to know more of my viewers and I love every one of you💕. SUBSCRIBE to be a part of the awesome #SOPHAMILY -- we have a lot of fun!!!💕

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  1. Anna .B 1

    Make a morning or night routine

  2. Kris zhang 1

    I would be confused and eat them all 6:42

  3. Emilyy 1

    Hi you scrolling down the comments have a good day💙🌸

  4. Rizwan Lodi 0

    I will try to make the sunshine biskit

  5. Rizwan Lodi 0


  6. reewa monie 0

    I juz luv u….Your amazing!!!!! You rock…..You deserve.more than a million subscribers

  7. bakari nim nim 0

    Omg this is perfect my birthday is tomorrow but I'm probably going to have to make these things for myself cause no one else is💩

  8. yashvi yadav 1


  9. Suchita Arora 0

    Belated happy birthday

  10. Lupe Revuelta 1

    You're putting egg whites with sugar in a bath bomb inside your bath ?

  11. ProGirl32 1

    happy 17

  12. Marilyn Rose 1

    Slime is at 6:57👌🏻

  13. Nuvia Bacilio 0

    OMG Sophia this video is going to help me soooo much my bestfriend's birthday is coming up and I am going to use some of your ideas for her gift 💙 Thank goodness you did this video because I wouldn't know what to do 😙😚💙

  14. Hailey Anderson 1

    Happy birthday Sophie I know it's a little late but happy birthday

  15. crafting cat! 6 1

    for some reason I think going to five below is way easier than making gifts anyways great vid!

  16. Madelienne Anderson 1

    mine is may 2nd

  17. Natasha Cockrell 0

    Hey! I absolutely loved this video it was one of my favourites from you please do more of these !!! Love you x

  18. Y YA 0

    What's the song at 0:05?? Btw, great video as always and I will surely do these DIYs!

  19. Joy Alale 0

    Happy late birthday

  20. yayshelbz 0

    loved this :))