Discover the spirit of Khali Sans his wrestling ring

2019-06-02 Sports No comment

When my eyes were used to seeing normal creatures like you and me, I saw the daunting and imposing personality and jumped on the aisle of the city airport. As far as I can see, my thoughts are unwilling to understand, and what I know is more difficult to write in words. We have seen that he occupies most of the airspace in the broadcast media, roaring his opponent in his opponent, reducing his opponent to a pile of haystacks… he is the most sought after wrestling in India Idol… ' Rattle? 'Yes, we interviewed people other than "Khalbali-King"… This oversized man has strong biceps, white T-shirt and blue jeans protruding – Great Khali . Believe me, seeing him personally is a surreal experience.

For the enthusiastic fans of the national capital, he landed at Indira Gandhi International Airport at 11 pm on May 3, becoming a hope. Dali Pusin Grana also called the great Cali to land drums and commotion…

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