Different types of yoga formed by the moon in astrology / Dosha

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The moon is the king of the sign, Cancer, the fourth house and the mother's meaning, representing our deepest personal needs and subconscious. It is the universal protection, response and nutrition of women's energy in our lives.

The moon shows imagination, character, religious behavior and mental intelligence. Blood, uterus, menstruation, stomach, urinals and breasts are affected by the intensity of the moon in the chart.

The association/position of the moon with different planets/houses forms different types of yoga/dosha, causing auspicious and unfavorable effects in life.

A specific type of yoga/dosha consisting of Moon:

Sunafa Yoga: from

 The planet other than the sun is the second yoga yoga formed from the moon. This yoga shows athletes, self-made, healthy, equivalent to the king, knowledgeable and selfish.

Anapha Yoga: from

 The planet outside the sun is the representative personality of Anafa Yoga formed in the 12th month of the moon, wealthy, and good morality.

Dudhara Yoga: from

 Planets other than the sun are called Dudhara Yoga on the 2nd and 12th places on the moon. The locals who have this kind of yoga in the chart will be smart, rich, have a transportation business, a peaceful family life and a very strong personality.

Kendrum Yoga: from

 When there is no planet other than the moon's second/twelfth sun, Kendrum Yoga is formed. This kind of yoga can lead to sudden loss, anxiety and stress in life. This kind of yoga represents poverty, struggle, nervousness, melancholy nature, constant failure and inconsistency in activities.

Amavasya Yoga: from

 When the moon and the sun are combined in the same logo, Amavasya yoga will form. Because the highest power of the sun and the moon lost its masculinity, and showed that its characteristics will be completely canceled. The mind and mother are severely affected. The house owned by the moon in the chart was also seriously affected. Often, locals may have a strong interest in literature and reading and have excellent writing skills.

Graham Yoga: from

 When Moon is combined with Rahu / Ketu, Grahan Yoga is formed. This kind of yoga brings obstacles and pain to the local people, and parents and relatives suffer. It shows that the nature of greed and jealousy among local people is inconsistent.

Vish Yoga: from

 The moon mixes Saturn in a house to cause yoga or poison combination yoga. This yoga destroys the local auspicious karma; it can weaken the local spirit and emotions. He may be strict, self-disciplined and can become a good manager.

Punaraphoo Yoga: from

 Any type of relationship between the moon and Saturn in the chart will create Punaraphoo Yoga, which will delay marriage.

Chandra Mangala Yoga: from

 If Mars is combined with the moon, then yoga will form. This kind of yoga represents making money through unscrupulous means, a woman's seller, severely treating the mother and misbehaving with the loved one. This type of yoga shows an uneasy and fickle tendency.

Shakata Yoga: from

 The moon was placed in the 6th/8th/12th house of Jupiter, and the Putian Yoga was formed. This yoga shows that life is difficult, wealth fluctuations

Amara Yoga: from

 Ranked 10th in the Amala Yoga formed by the rise/moon. Representing the sympathetic and benevolent nature of the native.

Pathira Yoga: from

 Mercury is placed in the rising/moon quadrant in its own/lifting sign, forming Pathira Yoga. There will be countless achievements in local education, and he will gain a high degree of authority in his life.




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