Different Styles of Rock Climbing

There was a 16 percent growth in traditional climbing in the U.S. from 2012 to 2014, as per a report published in 2015 by a non-profit organization Outdoor Foundation. This fact is sufficient to reflect the popularity of rock climbing in the USA. There are numerous regions in the US that are suitable for rock climbing. One such region, New York City, is a favorite of various rock climbing enthusiasts due to the presence of various climbing sites.

Great thing about rock climbing is that there are numerous variations in terms of techniques and rock types. Different forms of rock climbing on the basis of rocks are discussed in the subsequent sections.

Crack climbing

It is a type of climbing in which a climber ascends the cracks by utilizing some unique climbing methods. The techniques include laybacking, jamming, and stemming. The cracks utilized in this technique can range from a size of a finger to the size of a human body. Different types of cracks related to this form of climbing include off-finger cracks, off-width, hand cracks, finger cracks, and chimney cracks. It is advised to use gloves prepared using athletic tape for securing the hands in this sport.

Face Climbing

In this form of climbing, irregularities of the rock are utilized. The climbers use edges and finger pockets for ascending a vertical rock face. This type of climbing depends more upon the position of the body rather than the techniques.

Slab climbing

Haycock Mountain is one of the best sites in Philadelphia for this form of rock climbing. This style requires intense techniques to ensure effective climbing. Usually, the focus is on precise foot placement in this style. Granite and sandstone are the ideal rocks for this form of climbing.

Simul Climbing

Also referred as climbing with a running belay, Simul climbing is a method in which more than one climber climb simultaneously while tied to the same rope. It is one of the popular climbing styles used in speed climbing.

Via Ferrata

This style of climbing is highly popular in the European regions. In this form of climbing, steel cable runs throughout the route and is fixed to the rock periodically after few meters. In the US, installation of via ferratas is presently not approved on public lands.

It is a mentally and physically demanding adventurous sport, which may prove to be dangerous if proper precautions are not taken. Therefore, individuals prefer taking guidance of companies that offer short term climbing courses.

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