“Diamonds” by Rihanna (written by Sia) | Cover by One Voice Children’s Choir

One Voice Children's Choir, under the direction of Masa Fukuda, performs "Diamonds" by Rihanna (written by Sia) at the Spiral Jetty near Promontory Summit, Utah, USA. This short yet impactful arrangement was prepared specifically for NBC’s America’s Got Talent (Season 9) in order to meet their 90-second criteria if the choir was to move on to the Semi-final / Final rounds.

See our special documentary regarding the creation of this music video: https://youtu.be/nNzyf3cXcrA

Featured soloists:
Sophie Bandley
Cache Cook
Christy Higginson
Hailey Heiner
Sarah Coon
Jocelyn Bench
Sydney Adamson
Blake Walker
Sierra Sun
William Kim

Music Arranged and Produced by Masa Fukuda, director of One Voice Children's Choir
Recorded by Masa Fukuda at One Voice Recording Studios

Music video directed by: Amy Oakeson
Director of Photography/Videography:
Aevium Films / Nick Sales

One Voice Children's Choir production team:
Amy Oakeson: Production Director & Executive Producer
Robert Wyss: On-Set Sound Technician
Barton Thacker: On-Set Assistant Sound Technician
Susan Davis: Wardrobe Supervisor
First Assistant Camera: Erik Stevenson

Filmed on location at the Spiral Jetty near Promontory Summit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spiral_Jetty

To learn more about One Voice Children's Choir, or to make a donation to help fund future projects, please visit http://www.onevoicechildren.com.

One Voice Children's Choir is a non-profit organization based in Utah, USA.

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    why do I always get chills with choirs??? OMG THEY JUST SOUND LIKE ANGELS THATS WHY

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    No words for this vid…

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    OMG this was amazing

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    Rihanna has to watch this its amazing

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    aww That's cute and Amazing

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    omg😱 that so cool💪

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    this is the most beautiful thing i've ever seen😍

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    I can't stop listening to it!!

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    this make me feel so 😢 😢 sad

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    OMG so cute
    Your voices Are so beautiful

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    OMG the little girl at 1:03 is so AMAZING 😍😇

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    shining bright like a diamond

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