Develop core strength and explosiveness for wrestlers

2019-06-02 Sports No comment

Improving the power of the wrestler's core will have a direct impact on performance. This muscle group provides the basis for staying nervous during explosive movements, posture balance and agility, not to mention its important role in preventing injury. Unfortunately, most coaches and trainers miss the importance of this muscle group and even have a distorted understanding of what they actually make. If you don't know what it is, you can't train it. For the purposes of this article, the "core" muscle group includes the abdominal wall, the oblique muscles, the waist erect [low back muscles], buttocks and gluteal muscles. Although the hips and buttocks are generally considered part of the lower body, the best performance benefits are obtained when training them with the abdomen and lower back.

On the mat, wrestlers use their core strength to make multiple maneuvers, and can get better performance when they gain strength here. Pick up opponents during removal or mat back…

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