Detoxification – how to get so painful in the process and how to do it

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Detoxification is very important. If you wake up in the morning and feel dull, no matter how many or less than 8 hours of sleep, you need to detoxify your body. If you are always troubled by a cold, it is difficult to deal with stress, or you can't afford other types of disease, you need to detox.

The result of detoxification is very beneficial. I remember when I first detoxified, I felt that I had been with my blood chain for a long time and suddenly disappeared. I can actually control my body, run farther and cheer. I can even feel good by 3 pm, and my colleagues will feel sleepy and sleep.

But experiencing detoxification is another complete process. Just like a goal, you can only achieve your goals by experiencing trials and tribulations. It is no different from detoxification.

If you have not detoxed for years and you live an unhealthy lifestyle, your process will be different from those that focus on health and practice the people they believe in. In fact, experience can be confused by some symptoms.

According to my experience, I need a real detox. Although I have been able to lose my bronchial problems for many years, it is an unpleasant experience when it is detoxified. A few times, I thought I got the flu. Here and there, I will experience things like fever, dizziness, flu-like symptoms and weakness. Here, I am working on a detox program, however, I am experiencing something that a patient will only get. I am confused and I am stopping my nutrition program.

After losing weight a few months ago, I suddenly realized why many people would experience these things. It is related to how the body moves toxins.

During detoxification, toxins stored in tissues or fats in the body enter the bloodstream. Toxins take different paths when they are cleared, and not only the liver can do the job:

Skin pores: When toxins leave the body, sensitive nerves, tissues and muscles will have to encounter these toxins and respond accordingly. If the toxin passes through the skin's pores, muscles and other tissues, the brain interprets it as an intruder [such as a virus] and begins to warm the body to heat the body and destroy it. The irony is that the body tries to remove it at the same time, so it will go through a tug-of-war. Worse, you fall into it. Many people try to take painkillers like Tylenol to stop the pain, but what they are doing is counterproductive because they are reintroducing more toxic chemicals into the body. I mean painkillers are artificial methods of pain relief, but this is not a natural method.

Urine: This is obviously another way for the body to eliminate toxins. In fact, toxins [bad fat] stored in the body fat area are released into the urine, provided that the toxin is released from a process called thermogenicity. The same is true for toxins that adhere to the body when the body is able to remove fat during exercise. The kidneys and liver must handle these things. Let us also not forget the veins, as they may have to adjust the blood and their number of mischief accordingly. People in good inch loss programs [such as Cinch] can release toxins and are in poor health.

Rectum: Absolutely an obvious body area for detoxifying solids and other pranks. However, people who have had digestive problems for years [most of which are caused by lifestyle, choice and irresponsibility] will have difficulty releasing all toxins. Why is this, you may ask?

We live in a fast and convenient food world. But it's hard to call it food because many foods are processed, fried, unhealthy fatty oils, and other things people ingest and ingest. Soda soda and other carbonated beverages not only increase the sludge in the colon, but the carbon price characteristics of carbonated beverages also impair the valence of vitamin supplements in the body. In other words, carbonated drinks can remove vitamins and calcium from the body, which is definitely not good for you.

Sludge that is not moved by the intestines and colons thickens over time and may stay there for many years. When this happens, the body becomes its own polluter because the fermented sludge produces toxins such as ammonia and formaldehyde. The irony is that our own bodies can also kill us based on the weapons we ingest. Diseases such as cancer are the result of these things staying in the body. If sludge and toxins are not excreted, the consequences will be severe.

So, back to detox, why is it so painful. Simply put, the rest of your body will use all of its defenses against the toxins it actually tries to get rid of. Interestingly, the various parts of the body do not always work together or communicate. But by detoxification, only the results can produce common information between each other.

You may ask us how to get rid of this pain? There are several ways

Rest: Stress is something the body must leave, so you may have to ask for a few days off. Tell your employer to trust you because healthy employees mean higher productivity. If you are an entrepreneur, releasing pressure is still important. Either way, please take a few days off. When you experience a painful environment, you will need it. Second, make sure you are ready to go to the bathroom; you need it. To fight a fever or pain, go to bed. This is a way.

Supplement: The next step is to take at least 4 herbal supplements and sputum supplements. Dissolve at least 20 bismuth supplements in hot water and dissolve some organic maple syrup [not pancake syrup] into tea. Herbal relaxation helps the bowel regulation, and gently moves with the flow of dirt, which also helps to treat headaches and pain.

Consume as much liquid as possible: Ginger tea and chamomile tea are good drink shakes that you can also ingest. Avoid soda drinks [including ginger soda, contrary to what people say], coffee, black tea and alcoholic beverages. Beverages with a lot of electrolytes can help you cope with the pain of detoxification. Remember that electrolyte drinks must not contain any sugar.

Avoid sugar: refined sugar is contraindicated. Although you can't avoid it [it's ketchup, bread and other foods], try to avoid eating this food. You definitely don't want more toxins stuck in the sludge, so your body has to work overtime to get rid of these things and the pain lasts for a long time.

There is a baseline head massage: I mean you need to massage small muscles located on the back of the skull and neck. Someone can help you solve this problem. Have them put two fingers [nail trim] on the two muscles in this position and let them do a very gentle circular motion. Make sure they understand moderate, otherwise this may be the last time you read this!

These are just a few of the many things you can do to help detox. It's a good idea to have enough rest in your process, but if you're having trouble coping with pain, just use the advice above and use the right tools. Finally, let your body take care of the rest.

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