Detoxification and permanent weight loss become easy: five planning points

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The main points of each detox:

1. Remove toxic exposures: Avoid venting, perfumes and lotions. The molecules you smell dissolve in the sinuses and are received by the "taste buds" in the nose. For a minute, you basically consume the smell you smell. Check any ingredients on your skin. What do you think of eating? As a side note, dry skin is usually due to dehydration – try drinking more water.

Cut off all sugar and processed foods. Basically, anything with a shelf life. These "foods" are stored on shelves for a long time, because even microbes make sense without eating them. This is the most difficult principle because modern lifestyles often require food. You need to plan fast, easy-to-prepare, nutritious meals in advance – especially if your schedule requires you to eat while running. No bread, pasta or wheat. Try a lettuce package instead of a sandwich.

It is forbidden to use fatty foods, red meat or dairy products. No caffeine, alcohol, corn, soy, nuts, seeds or strong spices. These foods are difficult to digest and increase the overall toxic load.

2. Replace essential nutrients: Get vitamins and minerals by eating organic vegetables. The more the better! Beware of sweet and starchy vegetables such as potatoes and beets. For some people, fruit is acceptable, but not all. Cook your green vegetables and turn them into vibrant spring green, but not beyond. Overcooked vegetables are disgustingly mushy and taste bad because all the nutrient enzymes are destroyed!

Get protein from fresh, wild caught fish. Some people can tolerate poultry and eggs. Make sure that no antibiotics are used, chicken is free-range, organic, etc.

Again, having professional supervision can save you time and frustration. Simple defects and digestive aids, probiotics, etc. can help. Taking a lot of supplements is expensive and unwise unless you really need to determine.

3. Exercise! We excrete toxins through the skin, so you need to sweat! Moderate but often cardiovascular exercise in the appropriate heart rate zone is critical to success. Walking or jogging is a great way. Again, the specifics vary from person to person, so professionals can diagnose specific needs. Too many, too few or wrong types can ruin your efforts!

4. Identify stressors and eliminate emotional behavior: We can't completely avoid stress, but we can better manage stress by praying, meditating, or simply setting goals. By identifying triggers that make us crave “comfortable food,” we can avoid them, eliminate them or go beyond them.

5. Get enough sleep! Reschedule your schedule so that you stay active during the day and fall asleep when it's dark. Bright lights make the brain mistakenly think it is daylight. Try a TV or computer "diet" and you may be surprised by the natural rhythm your body gets.

The first three days are the hardest. It takes three weeks to form a habit. After three months, if you plan and execute properly, you will forget the unhealthy habits of the past and make you better, brighter and healthier!

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