Designer Dog Clothes Inspired By Red Carpet Couture

Glossy magazines are the equivalent of the bible for fashion conscious lads and ladies. Pages are adorned with celebrities literally dripping with fabulous fabrics and gorgeous jewels by some of the biggest names in the industry. It is a world that is reserved for the glitterati and any consumer that can afford to keep up with red carpet couture. Or so you would think. Fashion pages such as these are now turning to animal lovers to ply their tailored wares in the form of dog clothes.

There was a time when the only accessories that Fido needed was a collar and lead, at a push a special quilted horse blanket style coat for really bad weather that resembled Scott’s trek through the Antarctic. Now Fido has upgraded to designer togs inspired by Burberry, Prada, Chanel and other fashionable names in fashion. There is everything available from Parka jackets for cold weather to diamante encrusted tank tops, so pooches can be fashionable yet practical for all occasions.

The growing demand has undoubtedly been inspired by celebrity culture itself, and who can blame the likes of Paris Hilton for wanting to make sure Teacup Chihuahua ‘Tinkerbell’ is both warm yet dressed appropriately for a bit of red carpet action. Before designer dog clothes became so popular little Tink was resigned to spending all her time in a Prada bag, at least now she can strut her stuff with style and confidence.

Dog clothes for animal lovers in general have made a gradual appearance despite the obvious celebrity endorsement. Studded collars have been a favourite of pet owners for years. Those with a bit of extra cash to flash invariably invested in a genuine diamond encrusted version. At least a knitted sweater or a floral tee shirt is an affordable way to keep your pet warm and be on the pulse of the latest fashion trends.

Many people seem to think that adorning a dog in clothes is a cruel thing to do, but their main gripe seems to be misplaced. No one complains about keeping a greyhound warm in a racing jacket, or popping a blanket on a horse. In fact, there are some tribal cultures that dress their animals up in regalia worthy of being worn by Royalty for ceremonial occasions. It is a relatively new trend for the fashion conscious to want to accessorise their dog, but it is actually just a gentle progression from a matching lead and collar.

Dom Donaldson is a fashion expert.
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