Design it, weave it – the secret from Debbie Bliss's designer studio – Book review

Design it and weave it – The secret of Debbie Bliss's designer studio is one of the most anticipated weaving editors of the year. Debbie Bliss is known for its easy-to-follow design, and even beginners can create their own masterpieces.

Knitting has always been a hobby for women, a work of art specifically for women. But now, even men are exploring knit art, and many have created their own beautiful designs. Debbie Bliss's design has been carefully designed to help the latest beginners. This book includes methods and methods of operation, both of which will prove beneficial to both professionals and novices. Design It, Knit gives you tips on how to choose the right yarn for your project, how to read patterns, and more.

The author has written a large number of books on knitting – from baby clothing to home-themed knits to fashionable knit dresses – she is considered one of the most trusted craftsmanship. Her pattern is simple and elegant. I'm sure that a hundred pages full of patterns and designs are enough to get your attention. In June 2009, after the book was released, fans from around the world would line up to get a copy of her latest book. When you complete Design It, Knit It – the secret from Debbie Bliss's designer studio, you will be as good as the professionals around you.

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