Delicious courtyard garden: planting tomato plants

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Nothing is more enjoyable and relaxing than having your patio decorated with delicious and luscious plants, you can watch at the beginning of the day and at the end of the day. I believe that you have noticed that in some movies or selected works of art, their features and depictions of the courtyard add green and greenery plants and vegetables. It looks very beautiful and tempting. With the expert's correct tips and advice, you can also transform your ordinary courtyard into an extraordinary art scene by adding your own plants to those lovely, charming pots.

As you know, you may wish to plant several plants in the pot, but the most popular among the homeowners is tomatoes. Why tomato? This is because tomatoes are basically easy to grow and maintain. No fancy and expensive gardening tools are needed. Understanding the right soil, location, choice of organic fertilizer application and love of work is what it needs.

Tomato list

Size is really important – When it comes to growing tomatoes in containers or pots, remember to be bigger and better. The essence is soil capacity – a larger container means it can hold more soil. Planting tomatoes requires more space at the roots to promote optimal growth. Depending on the soil, maintenance and fertilizer you use, typical tomato plants can grow to 6-8 feet tall.

mud – Regarding soil composition, many non-organic agricultural professionals believe that it is best to use potting compounds because it can produce significant results. However, others have also pointed out that using natural potting soil to promote better growth is a safer method. Either way, it all comes down to the gardener's decision. Please note that potting the mixture is obviously expensive, but as they say, and may always say that it is worth it.

fertilizer – If you use fertilizer, you first need to understand that not all fertilizers are the same. Considering that you are growing tomatoes, you want to use fertilizers to provide a balanced fertilizer with a higher nitrogen content, especially when your tomatoes are young; you need more leaves and leaves to grow.

Common mistakes in potted tomatoes

Using small containers – The roots of tomatoes need more space, so be sure to use larger containers.

No bet – Even certain tomatoes still need some proper bets. Although this is not complicated. You can use metal rods, sticks or basically any solid growth support.

Too much water – Don't revel in watering, because too much watering will cause the flowering to end to rot, split tomatoes and stress plants. But make sure your tomatoes are not deprived of water. The key is to have a working drip irrigation system that basically waters them.

Know when to stop and change – Stop using nitrogen-rich fertilizers at maturity and choose to use low-nitrogen, high-phosphorus and potassium fertilizers. Never use nitrogen-rich fertilizers once the tomatoes are blooming.

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