Deepak Chopra – Enlighten Golf – Book Review

Dr. Depak Chopra wrote an interesting fictional story about a man named Adam and his pursuit of perfect swing. Through the story of Adams, Dr. Chopra showed a deep insight between golf and life. Anyone who plays golf should consider seven important lessons. This book is very exciting, you will find it difficult to put it down once you start.

When I first picked up books bought by other people in this book, I didn't expect too much. I think it will be very boring because of the title, "Golf Enlightenment". However, once I started reading it, I found it difficult to put it down.

The story is about a man named Adam, a man who is addicted to golf but is in a bad mood. Most of us can get in touch with the situation. That's why this book is really interesting because we can relate it to it because Adam is a typical golfer.

' A new way of playing ' and #39; Game Master '

There are actually two chapters before this, as well as the preface of Jesper Parnevik. The titles of these chapters are "a new way of playing" and "game masters." In the first chapter, Dr. Copra solved the golf problem mentally, something that has not been done before or very rare. Because he is a golfer himself, he talks about the need to feel right through your body before you hit the ball, because it will determine the whereabouts of the ball and requires "clear perception" to master the golf game. Dr. Chopra also discussed the need for golf creativity because you may get different lies and many of the situations you encounter in the game. He also mentioned that you don't need to be a "metaphysical" to read this book, but any golfer can read and benefit.

Deepak correctly said that you should not forget yourself when you play, because self is very important in golf. He proposed a method, you forgot the technical perfection, because you lost your own elements. [Of course, unless you naturally start when you are young]. He described his experience in the competition and his performance. He connected his golf experience to life in a very good way.

Typical golfer

Introducing Adam Seaver, a golfer from the Boston metropolitan area. He and his friends were introduced in a frustrating game. He can hear his friends laugh at him. At this point, he became very angry, just waving the ball and cutting it into rough. When he reached his muddy ball, he was away from his friend, it was drizzling, dark, and he was in an area covered by pine trees like a forest. One voice said "you will become a master of the game." The stranger told Adam to meet him in a strange place the next day.

Lessons learned

Next are seven wonderful chapters, titled "One Heart and One Heart", "Let the swing happen", "Find now, you find the shot", "Play from the heart to the hole", "Victory is the enthusiasm for the detachment", "Ball Know everything "," let the game play you ", then the conclusion – "Leela".

in conclusion

This book contains a lot of useful information that anyone can use, life and anything. It's very interesting, once you start, you just want to continue reading. For golfers, you must read. It is different and more entertaining than all technical magazines.

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