Day 2 on the Norwegian Sky Cruise Ship ~ Lunch & Review [Vlog episode 7]

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  1. tasha taylor tasha taylor

    22 days and I'll be on the sky 🙂

  2. diamond 4 hair diamond 4 hair

    had planned to go on sky…idk. I think I will try another ship.

  3. Shon Ingel Shon Ingel

    0:50 so many fans in one cruise!

  4. Robby Bobby Robby Bobby

    I realllly loved that front part of the ship! It was always empty and quiet and I would go there to have a peaceful moment. Standing out on the deck at night was so relaxing. The last night(Thursday night) they had a salsa singer in that lounge and it was so lay back. Everytime I passed the gym on the way here, I would look in and see the people working out and thought…who the heck goes on vacation to work out!? Had a great time on the sky!

  5. cdresz cdresz

    I've done two cruises on the Sky, you're videos make me miss it so much. Even though it's smaller, it's such a good ship! The best entree I ever had was on the Sky, it was in one of the main dining rooms even… I had blackened sea bass to die for! Thanks for refreshing some of my best memories.

  6. Michael Gonzalez Michael Gonzalez

    Have ever tried the Panenies sandwiches.

  7. Scott P Scott P

    Hi guys love the vlog. I'm going on the sky in September…just curious why you said people don't like to get off the ship in Nassau? I was thinking about checking out Atlantis.

  8. Missymedz Missymedz

    the cruise seems empty. are cruises ever really crowded?

  9. Laura Shaughnessy Laura Shaughnessy

    hey girls greetings from Minnesota

  10. Laura Shaughnessy Laura Shaughnessy

    do guys get free food and drinks


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