Danger of scuba diving

2019-05-21 Sports No comment

Scuba diving is a wonderful experience that allows people to see a completely different world. We enter an unknown world where we consider the dangers of diving. The dangers are divided into two groups: the ocean itself and the individual itself.


This is where you learn your skills to avoid potential dangers due to lack of knowledge. Beginner divers need to remember and understand too much.

This is the main reason for the full scuba diving course. This is required because there are some courses that you can even understand and understand before approaching the ocean. This is the main danger of scuba diving, what the individual has forgotten or takes the course for granted.

Do I have a friend?

In all parts of the training, teach the partner system to reduce any danger. This is a system that always dive with your partner, you can see each other at any time during any dive….

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