Dance: Beautiful Art

2019-04-30 Sports No comment

Whenever we hear music, it is natural to want to dance and move. With the drums of the military march, we want to move forward in time; the smooth circle of the waltz has the power to make us feel forever spinning; the lullaby makes our body fall asleep. Dance is a natural expression, a natural reaction to music that is externally or sometimes rarely heard. It resonates with the inner happy voice, and only the individual is informed.

Most people like to dance or like to dance. This is a feature of the lives of most people in the world who reveal their cultural differences through different types of music and different styles of dance movements they have developed in traditional art. The country barn dance or western lineup is different from the dance of the national band and the rap dance with the tone and voice; the metal rhythm between the tap dancers and the soft tunes between the pop tunes and the ballerinas…

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