Cruising On S/Y Ohana

Are you in to sailing? In case you are then you will possibly like sailing in the S/Y Ohana. It is a 43-meter vessel that is believed to be a great yacht and it belongs to the high performance series. When you are on board, you will certainly have a wonderful time because of its wide sail area and also because of its weight saving build process. When you step in to the vessel, you will find that the rooms inside are all luxurious and you will also find contemporary mechanic system as well as electronic system here.

This yacht belongs to the Perini Navi shipyard and it was built in Italy. There are a total of five bedrooms on board and as such, the vessel can accommodate ten people at one time. The length of this boat is 143.4 ft and it has a draft of 28 ft and a beam of 31 ft. A total of seven crew members can be housed in this boat to service you. The vessel was built in the year 2004 and it has a big dining room and a lounging area. These are situated in the aft cockpit. In case you are thinking about chartering a yacht for your upcoming vacation, then you can think about chartering S/Y Ohana.

You will be impressed by the interior of the vessel when you step in to the yacht. With wood finishes and bold colors, the inside of this vessel is simply amazing to look at. Are you someone who stresses a lot of appearances? If so, then you are going to love spending your time in this yacht because it is beautiful not just inside but outside too. In case you are searching for a boat that looks classical, then this is one yacht that you will love.

One of the boat's striking features is its carbon fiber in-boom furling. The naval architects of the vessel are Perini Navi and Ron Holland and the interior design of the yacht was created by Perini Navi. Take a step in to the boat and you will be greeted with a very modern looking interiors. A big fly bridge can be found on the yacht and you will find that the hull is dark in color. Sun pads can be found here. There are five bedrooms in total- two queen suites, two twin cabins and a master suite. The main salon is not just spacious but it is also extremely comfortable. The modern look of the yacht will enchant you. You will find double glass doors that will lead you to the aft cockpit.

There is a total of two 440 kW Deutz BF8M 1015MC engines installed in the yacht that allows the boat to sail at a speed of 13.5 knots (maximum). It's cruising speed is 10 knots and it can get a range of 4,000 nautical miles.

One great thing about S/Y Ohana is that you will find plenty of water toys on board that will give you a memorable and pleasurable yachting experience. Entertainment as well as satisfaction is guaranteed. Some of the water toys that you will find on board are diving equipment, snorkeling equipment, water skis, water surfers and tenders.

Sailing Yacht Ohana is currently available for sale with Fraser Yachts, specialists in super yacht charter and sales.
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