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The difference between a brand ambassador and a spokesperson in the cosmetics business can be a bit confusing, and some people do use these terms interchangeably, but in reality they are two distinct roles. Just to further confuse the issue, some people think that all speakers are brand ambassadors, but not all brand ambassadors are spokespersons.

Cosmetic brand spokespersons or cosmetics brand ambassadors, these two roles are critical to the success of make-up brands, whether it's success or breaking marketing campaigns, because when a top cosmetics company creates a new look for their cosmetics, the faces they choose are A product that has become a public image. To eliminate some confusion, here is the main difference between the two roles.

Brand ambassador

The most common definition of brand ambassadors is to hire a person to create a positive brand image to increase brand awareness and increase sales. The brand ambassador will be a person who is completely immersed in the brand image and knows the products inside and outside the brand. Today, the person in this position is usually someone who has an online business and is ready to use the online business to promote the brand.

The makeup brand ambassador will share the value with the company's image and become the face of the makeup brand, and have a good understanding of the company's cosmetics line and other beauty products that the company may sell under the same brand. Brand.

In this role, a person is closely related to the products they sell and is willing and able to make personal recommendations to their fans. Of course, if the ambassador's choices have a negative impact on the image the company is trying to portray, the close relationship between the ambassador and the brand can sometimes be counterproductive.


Whether it is a French cosmetics giant or a little-known cosmetic brand, the role of the spokesperson is a combination of models, a representative of the cosmetics brand, and to a lesser extent an image ambassador of the cosmetics company.

Today, many cosmetic brands are looking for their next hair model to become a publicly exposed person, such as a singer or model.

In the world of top cosmetics brands, a spokesperson may be asked to imitate cosmetics, provide tutorials on how to make up, appear in advertisements and videos, and personally appear as spokespersons and advocates of cosmetics. Therefore, they need to be familiar with modeling, taking photos, and be able to be the focus of attention because they may be asked to speak in public events to reinvigorate the connection between the face and the product.

Some of the more famous cosmetic product spokespersons include: Cindy Crawford of Revlon, Jacklyn Smith of Max Factor, and Georgia May Jagger of Rimmel London, but the term also applies to those who are not major celebrities but have been chosen as the next celebrity The model faces the top cosmetics brand.

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