Color coding means better business and sales time management

Have you completed a sales call or posted a work-related fire, and you seem to have never done anything else? Are you having problems implementing your business goals or sales quotes? Do you feel that you have missed something that might be interesting in your life outside of work? Are you looking for a better way to manage your business growth time? Can you open up your success with powerful tools that are easy to implement?

If you find yourself answering "yes" to these questions, you should now use a time management system with color coding to ensure that you maintain a good balance in your activities. It's time to update the typical work calendar to include the content for each of the following color categories.

  • green [The color of the currency] is the key activity that leads to current income. As a sales professional, this will include all prospecting activities and customer contact. This should be your main day of the day when you look at your work calendar.
  • red [Stop lights] are used to manage activities such as archiving, writing recommendations, service calls and database entries. In a typical day, schedule time in a slow period of time so that it doesn't accumulate or interfere with green.
  • blue [Thinking about water and the beach] is a necessary relaxation activity, including vacations and important time with family and friends. Being a hobby, exercising or planning a week of fun will help reduce stress and keep you motivated.
  • orange [A bright future] includes activities that lead to long-term outcomes, such as career goal planning, sales meetings, advanced degrees or certificates, and other learning in your industry. Some of them may also be interesting, depending on where you go or who you meet – if you want to succeed in sales, this is a real requirement.

Update your current calendar with the suggested color code to ensure that you include content for each category within a week. While most of your work is green and needs to be done in red, using a color system can help you continue to grow your business while incorporating the right balance into your life. Knowing that you are completing more blue and orange projects will keep you motivated at work and balance your professional and personal aspects of life.

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