Choosing The Perfect Golf Travel Case

Golf is a sport where the quality of your equipment plays a huge part in how successful you are, and because of this, we spend lots of money buying the best equipment we can afford. Under normal circumstances, our golf clubs travel no further than our local golf course, so they don’t need much by way of protection from damage.

It’s a different story however when we take our golf clubs on vacation, especially if we are taking a flight and have to check our clubs with our suitcases and entrust them to the airline. In this situation, buying yourself the best golf travel case you can afford is a wise investment. But what should you look out for in a good golf travel bag?

The first decision you have to make is whether to choose a hard or a soft case. A hard case is without doubt the best option to go for, but they are much more expensive than a soft bag – the cheapest price you will find for a hard case will almost certainly be more than the soft travel bag.

You should pay close attention to the type of lock fitted to the bag you are considering. As we’ve already said, golf equipment is very expensive and determined thieves will prize open an insubstantial lock in no time. Always opt for bag that is equipped to take a padlock, and spend a few extra dollars on a decent lock to keep things safe.

Golf clubs come in various shapes and sizes so it’s important to check that your clubs will fit in to the bag. It sounds like an obvious point, but you would not believe the number of times golf travel bags have to be exchanged for this reason alone.

How are you going to carry your travel bag? It is difficult to predict every situation you will encounter, so versatility is the key here. First make sure your case has wheels, as these travel cases can become quite heavy if you have to carry them for more than a short distance – such as from the car park for instance. After wheels, the case should multiple handles and the handles should be very robust as they have a bad habit of breaking at the most inconvenient times. If the bag has shoulder straps, make sure they are well padded as this will make it more comfortable to carry.

The material you choose for your bag should be lightweight but hard-wearing enough to withstand the most sadistic baggage handler. The sides and top are the most vulnerable areas, so make sure they are particularly well protected, and don’t buy anything that will be difficult to clean – your bag will get dirty!

After all that, the final decision comes down to appearance, and that’s all about personal taste. My recommendation would be to choose practicality over design, but if you can find a balance between the two, you have probably just found the perfect golf travel bag for you.

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