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What is the best fish food for pets and/or tropical marine fish displays? Everyone has a different view of this. But some people just choose their fish food through what the pet store tells them. This really limits you and limits your fish. If you are looking for growing, large, healthy, creative and exceptionally happy fish, then you need to go beyond the fisherman to tell you a step.

First, you decide the purpose of your fish, the reason you buy them or otherwise get them, and then after you figure out your purpose, you can find the right food for them. Do you want regular small fish to swim in the sink? Or do you want prize fish, bigger fish, happier fish? Do you want to see your fish running to the top of the tank to get their old dry fish food, or do you want them to eat more like they eat in nature, in the wild, by finding their own food, and getting this Hunting for their sport?

If you want a more natural feeding, then you will choose to live with food. The next step is frozen food, which was once alive, and last but not least, dry foods or flakes in round cylinders.

  Here are some things to consider when buying fish food:

1. Is your bottom feeder or top feeder? Bottom feeders may enjoy food and these foods will drop to the lowest point or float – either way. Buy some Tubifex live worms. The guy in the pet store will put these in the fridge. They look like brown, red messy balls of tiny ropes. They smell terrible but I like this fish. If you put a small ball in the water tank, your fish will rush.

2. If you have saltwater fish or tropical fish, you may want to try live saltwater shrimp as their meal. Of course, you can also add any fishmeal with dry or flaked food.

You can buy branded food or simple food and your fish will survive. So how do I know this? I used to feed some fish, but I finished eating fish. So I crushed some Cheerios between my fingers, then I fed the fish. They like it and thrive on it, so I never go back to using regular fish food. These fish grow up from small feeding fish. So my Cheerios has succeeded. Don't try anything I write, because this is my own experience and I can't guarantee that it suits you or your particular fish. If you want to try this, you can use regular fish food and add Cheerios. This is just an idea, not a suggestion or instruction. good luck!

If you have a fish that is likely to grow up, and you want a big fish, you can start feeding the fish. When the fish gets bigger, it will start feeding the real cockroaches. You can have an astronaut oscillator in your tank. You buy it about half an inch long. You can raise this fish into one to two feet of fish by properly feeding and raising fish. Amazing growth in amazing fish. We have one such one, feeding him a huge cockroach. The original fish took us less than $2, which was great and became a monster.

Remember that when you buy fish, sometimes you pay a price for the fish itself. The real expense of bringing fish to the hobby is feeding, feeding, filtering water and displaying the decorative aspects of fish and fish tanks. I hope this article can help you. Read other articles about fish food, fish feeding, guppies, and more specific articles about specific fish and fish-related hobbies that I will publish in the near future. The author has raised fish in the past and has had experience in raising and caring for many different species of animals throughout her life. Any and all questions, comments and comments are very much appreciated.

I have written many topics from my heart, and my experience has come from life. If you read any pet articles on my webpage, most of the time, I have these pets, raise them or watch pets for others.

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