Cheapest Car Rentals – the Way Forward

Even though it may seem hard to believe, it is easily possible for one to get hold of cheaper car rentals in the current economical downturn. Instead of owning a car, opting for cheaper car rentals is actually preferable.

To ensure that you have every chance of finding cheapest car rentals, it is important that you take the following things into considerations.

Car rental companies are known to base their premium based on certain factors, which if you are aware of will ensure that you have every chance of finding cheapest car rentals.

– Don’t go for rental cars from the airport

Now you may be asking your self why as this is one of the most convenient options when it comes to booking a rental car. The reason being is that booking a rental car from the airport usually includes an excess airport fee that is included in your premium. Depending on how far the airport is from the city centre, which in nearly all cases is at least an hour’s drive, is also known to increase the initial period that you would have to pay. You would be better of going for cheapest car rentals from somewhere in the area that you are staying.

– Make sure you do not go for unknown car rental groups

It is very important that you only rent out cars from well known and used car rental agencies. If you end up booking with a company that is not so well known, there is always a risk factor of having to pay hidden costs. The cars that they may provide could also be unreliable as such unknown companies would not have a set standard to maintain in comparison to one that is widely known and used.

– Booking in advance is the key

To make sure you have every chance of getting cheapest car rentals with well known rental companies, it is important that you try and book well in advance. Not only will this ensure that you get the car of your choice, but what this also means is that you are in for a good chance to get the cheapest car rentals possible.

– Make use of the discount code

It is quite common for nearly all companies to give discount codes online or through newspapers and magazines. Make sure you do a bit of research on them to ensure you have every chance of finding cheapest car rentals. This does not apply to the peak seasons unfortunately.

– Be punctual

Try making sure that you pick and drop the car back on time. The moment you sign the release papers is usually when the car is under your name for a certain period of time. Make sure you have everything pre planned so that when it comes to returning the car on time, you do it well in advance. You would want to give your self at least an hours lee way when it comes to returning the car as giving it in late would result in hefty fines.

– Try avoiding booking when cars are in short supply

Make sure that you book with the company when they have a lot of cars in supply. If they have a short supply of cars and you really need one, they can easily charge you more as they are in a more demanding position then yourself.

– Asking for more never hurt anyone

There is no harm in asking for more discounts or a free upgrade.

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