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Among the five different leadership styles, charismatic leadership falls into the category of transformational leadership, which depends to a large extent on the communication skills and excellence of the leaders who influence the followers to achieve their goals. If considered in the work environment, the leader's previous credentials, performance and credibility are consistent with his or her excellent communication skills, encouraging and motivating employees to go beyond their scope or skill set, and inspiring the charismatic leaders to increase productivity and efficiency. . For a fascinating leadership environment, leaders will focus on a broader perspective and instill them in the followers, who then delegate the task to completion.

Charismatic leaders are very effective when some creative and out-of-the-box ideas and goals need to be realized, because these leaders become the source of inspiration for followers and whether the leader is in front of or behind the followers, the level of inspiration It does not affect productivity and helps foster a culture in which followers intend to be similar to their leaders.

Charismatic leaders are sometimes classified as authoritative leaders because the authority of followers comes from the personal charisma and personality of the leader. A model leader with outstanding sacredness and heroism is only qualified to be a charismatic leader. Beyond the work environment, there have been examples of charismatic leaders in history, in which political leaders and revolutionaries have demonstrated these characteristics that achieve unexpected results through their special communication skills and personality that is transferred in the hearts of followers. .

Because charismatic leaders have extraordinary communication skills, when they communicate with their followers, not only are they conscious minds that convey information, but also subconscious minds, where the influence of information is stronger and the results of performance From followers is more special. Impression management refers to social psychology refers to the influence of people's thoughts and minds. It is usually the leader's perception of the enhanced image of his followers and the respect for the followers. After that, the powerful motivation will encourage followers. Follow whatever the leader says. Positive impression management is often used by charismatic leaders, which involves continuous influence at all levels through verbal and non-verbal media, including how people walk, talk, think or do other common things in life, and ultimately become followers Fantasy

Jack Welch is considered a perfect example of a charismatic leadership that not only instills GE's vision among its employees, but also ensures that employees are able to comply with his rules and maximize their potential. vision. Because of his decision, his leadership style is sometimes considered to be authoritative and rude, but with GE's great success on a global scale and his personality in communication, he has been able to respond positively for more than 20 years.

Charismatic leaders are people whose followers tend to blindly believe and blindly follow. Sometimes there is a thin line between the leadership and the control because the leader can let the follower do whatever he wants through his or her role. thing. If you like to do this, you may end up only benefiting him or her, and followers may not be able to see it. Because social psychology refers to the communication between these leaders and the subconscious, it sometimes reaches a certain level, that is, the followers are somewhat evasive to achieve the goals that the leader said in various possible senses. Therefore, in order to avoid abuse of these leaders, it is important to monitor the communication of charismatic leaders at every possible level, so that this double-edged sword will not cut the whole picture into pieces, and the followers will not go astray. The vision of bringing great results to them, not their leaders.

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