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Stuttering is a complex communication barrier, not just a speech disorder. the term, Stuttering ABCs [A = emotion, B = behavior, C = cognition], summarizing its complexity. Emotions – Your feelings and emotions are related to stuttering. Behavior – Things you have done or done to cope with stuttering. Cognition – the idea of ​​before/during/after stuttering. Studies have shown that in order to achieve maximum success from a stuttering treatment plan, all of these parts of the ABC model need to be addressed.

The seriousness of the stuttering problem is not only the frequency of unsmoothness and the emergence of struggles, but also the time and effort to think about what others will think, and the feelings associated with the actual struggles in your thoughts and communication.

What is your current ABC model? Do you have negative thoughts and attitudes about stuttering and/or yourself as a speaker and/or your ability to change? Do these Cognition from

 resulting in emotion from

 Reaction [shame/guilt/fear, etc.] causes your body to produce behavior from

 Physically nervous?

If you are willing and committed to change, you can change the stuttering ABCs to a more aggressive mode. If you practice, practice, practice, your new stutter management and smooth behavior can become automatic and easy in real life. As you become more confident as a speaker, your thoughts and feelings will become more positive. This is a flowing effect.

It is very important to address these ABCs throughout the treatment process, which is a way forward and a step towards change. There are a lot of PWSs that are now fulfilling their dreams. They have mastered the art of managing fluency. This is about a positive thinking process and trusting your fluency skills, not giving up. Put yourself into the context of speaking. Use tips whenever you speak. This can be difficult at first, so move at your own pace. Be proud of what you have achieved, even if they are only trivial. Fluent speech can be achieved through persistence and practice.

The Fluent ABCs There are many kinds. Try these dimensions: A = can, accept, praise, complete, fulfill, recognize, act, adapt, persist, adjust, recognize, adopt, advance, re-, again, goal, allow, apply, appreciate, passion, clarity, yearning, achieve. B = balance, foundation, start, benefit, better, be careful, bonus, boost. C = calm, capable, celebrate, challenge, champion, change, chat, check, choose, comfort, commitment, supervisor, consolidation, constant, continue, control, climax, custom.

Same Onefrom

Pplication, bfrom

Alance and Cfrom

Sorry, you can Onefrom

Chieve, bfrom

Oost and Cfrom

Consolidate fluent speeches.

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