Cellulose Definition – Why It's in Food, Tonic and Its Role

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In this article, I will talk about cellulose, why it is in dietary supplements and foods. I will share its true features as well as benefits and negatives.

In the plant world, cellulose provides strength to the cell wall. It is a carbohydrate, some animals can digest it, but we humans can't.

This means it is a fiber. For some people, it's hard to understand what we can't digest is so good for us. I believe you know that fiber is healthy?

By making you feel full, it helps to lose weight, it helps digestion, lowers blood sugar, cholesterol and more.

Even so, most people will not consume enough fiber. WebMD recommends about 30 grams per day for adults. Some people estimate that the average American is 15 grams a day.

Adding cellulose to the food increases the fiber content without changing the taste or flavor.

Another reason for its increase is to provide bulk food, but not to increase calories. Of course, sometimes they will add sugar, which is different. When you see a diet food, it is likely to contain cellulose.

Another good use is to thicken liquids such as sauces. For example, do you like water pasta sauce? No, it can be used to make pasta sauces, as well as other sauces.

It can be used in ice cream to thicken it and cream.

At this point, you may be wondering why it is in a dietary supplement. It can be used to combine vitamins and add some liquids. It can be used to make it easier to swallow. Of course, considering how much supplemental pills are there, maybe they add too much fiber?

It can also be used to protect nutrients just like protecting plant cells. We float some crazy things in the air, and when the air comes into contact with vitamins or herbal ingredients, it reduces its quality.

This is one reason why liquid supplements are usually not so good. Liquid supplements sold by some companies are more suitable for absorption.

According to the consumer's report, this is not true, and the absorption rates of liquid supplements and pills are the same from various tests.

Another disadvantage of liquid supplements is that you can't apply an enteric coating to the intestines, many of which can be destroyed by stomach acid.

Let's talk about negative emotions. The biggest risk of consuming cellulose actually comes down to eating too much.

This may be constipation, there is a lot of gas, it feels bloated, dehydrated, because it absorbs water, ironically, you may have diarrhea and even weight gain.

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